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Thread: my perfect rig =]

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    my perfect rig =]

    hello i am curently undertaking a dell 720 btx to atx conversion whilst i know how to do this i was just wondering if anyone knew were i could find a (hopefully free) case and fans or any other parts you dont want anymore - cheeky ****er i know but it is only because i lost my job so ye any help would be greatly appreciated =]

    and also its gonna be a umbrella corp theme trust me you will love it and any contributions will be greatly appreciated and will have name drops on any help with the build =]

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    I just listed a bunch of 700, 710 and 720 parts on the bay for real cheap. Some grills, control panels, LED's and such. I am too building up a 720 case. Nearly done. You might have seen my thread. Give me a shout if you want any ideas. Its been real fun. Will be interesting how you go about it...cannot wait. If they do not sell I would be happy to donate what I have left.
    Come to think of it. I have a completely disassembled 700 case sitting in my shop. I ordered 1 and it came in damaged. So I got a second 1 for free. I have the front & rear metal panels. The bottom aluminum tub, the top tub as well but it was dented on the front corner. I have a complete side panel. Drive bay shelf and front drive bays. I can send you send pics if you like to see if it is usable for your project. Not complete but a good bit of stuff.
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    ye that would be perfect thank you my email is

    i was thinking of making a sliding panel for the mother board so have like a quick change motherboard style if you knw what i mean if i had extra xps case parts i have an amazing idea like panel wise =p

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    I used the original MB and mounted my new one to it. It still retains the sliding aspect. If I was to do it again I would mount an larger panel that covered the entire back of the case to the original MB. Look would be real clean. I am going for something like that with mine. Covering all the inside superstructure and such with aluminum panels.
    I will email you some pics of what I have. I assume you would be willing to pay the ship cost to get them to you?
    I am on the west coast of the USA.
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    i dont mind paying shipping costs if it isnt too much just email me to let me know the price and also some pics please

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    Yes I will get some together today and send them to you.

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    So after some changes in plans and seeing what I have left its not going to be what you want.
    No aluminum left at all. I used every scrap of it for paneling the inside of the case. I have all the useless internals that I removed(cables. drive cages and such)
    The only real thing I have is the front and back metal(not aluminum) panels that are still intact. The thin metal ones.
    Sorry about that but my mod took all the case had to offer. Cannot wait to show it finished. It will have a Lab type look to it with all the panels of aluminum.
    There are complete cases only available online for around $80-$90 US delivered.

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