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Thread: Blitzcrank PC Case Mod

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    Blitzcrank PC Case Mod


    I'm following this forum for a long time but right now I decided to take part in the life of this forum. I have hope it will be good part of my life
    At the start I must apoligozie all peoples, who will be reading this topic for my bad english skills. Im sorry


    Title: Blitzcrank PC Case Mod
    Date of commencement of work: 25.06.2013r
    The planned completion date: 01.08.2013r
    PC Specifications:
    ****** Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium Home Edition
    ****** Processor type: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-2300 CPU@2.80GHz
    ****** Physical Memory: 8173 MB
    ****** Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 520
    ****** Sound Card: Realtek Digital Output (Realtek
    ****** Physical Disk: Hitachi ATA Device HDS5C1010CLA382
    The anticipated end result:

    Im think the design is quite interesting. This will be my first modification, but the mechanics and construction of the computer isn't a problem for me.

    I would to add the work on the case will probably be moved in the medium / slow pace beacose i have a lot of work at work, etc.

    it will be my pleasure when you ask me about everywhing about this project. I need too your opinion and help.

    Bye !

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    Day 1: "calculation, drawings, sketches."
    Date: 25.06.2013r.
    Operating time + / -: 2.5h
    Description: Fresh idea, great enthusiasm and hope. So I approach this project would be appropriate. I have a project haphazardly put together in my head, strands of ideas, etc. Here update these them to you and try to collect in which such.
    So should look more or less the end result

    This is the belly of the robot (Blitzcrank). I'm going to cut out the "path" in the middle of put in there at an angle DVD (I wonder if there a better standard fasten pull the drive or better such as a CD on the radio that you have to put inside - any links with allegro can lift? - And It was here that the first question to you, what do you think will be better?
    In place of these dots brown ladies tapping with a fairly sizeable pegs so that it was easy to see, as in the original.

    The body has to be the boiler. I cut up and down a quirk boiler bent so that it looked like the picture and the center rozepchnę to give a slightly oval shape of its body. Will use the first or second boiler.
    The arrows indicate the directions in which the boiler will be bent while cutting the green x denote the upper lids. The second boiler will be formed on the same principle.

    With these snakes will arrange the elements that Blitzcrank is on my chest and arms and on the back. I wonder whether it is possible to buy somewhere in the tubing so that the cooling water of course. It seems to me that I do not find such long? And that's the point they pull a piece of tubing - meaning it is certainly one that will be a very good look but is it feasible?

    These two cans will put him on his back. Of course, tear away the upper part of the Spey and zamacuje semi-circular discs.

    And if the option of Water cooling system that went off the back I'd like to shove him something similar to these containers. But unfortunately, the water cooling'' in'm rather layman.

    I would like to his left hand (as in the game) was moving at which point that she was fired. I did not think so seriously yet how to do it because it is a nice touch but not necessarily mandatory.
    Try usually spring? Or maybe some other idea I forwarded to it?

    At the end of the day. Tomorrow throw pics of the first works in the shop. We will deal with his belly
    I greet and encourage you to give up! ;]
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    Day 2: "Heart."
    Date: 25.06.2013r.
    Working time + / -: 3.0h
    Description: Today, the first work in the workshop - finally something concrete. At first glance the heart goes Blitzcrank or if you like his belly. We'll do it over and over again, the lightning on it and screws / screws.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2zsxxso.jpg 
Views:	238 
Size:	53.8 KB 
ID:	219

    Here is my gift - a milk barrel: D It turned out that the bottom is very similar to the bellies Blitzcrank (picture here was to be the victim before cutting but how confident dopatrzyliście this momentum and willingness to work first cut off, and then I took the picture.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	33fbamx.jpg 
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Size:	52.5 KB 
ID:	220
    And here we see the murder weapon and the victim immediately after the verdict. Cut revealed to you from the worst / most do not equal - and so want you to be a little Laugh But not so good - right after cutting both the time being does not need to bubble and the bottom (belly Blitz) went on a cut.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wjjbtf.jpg 
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Size:	58.4 KB 
ID:	221
    Sanding, smoothing topic.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mhafpk.jpg 
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Size:	57.3 KB 
ID:	222

    Back to the bottom of the barrel from above.
    Professional designation is the key! This lightning is a place on the drive and these crosses are special places for screws to the stomach like most belly Blitz.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2mq83kj.jpg 
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Size:	48.9 KB 
ID:	223

    So we place the DVD drive. It was hard to reach the same disk Bosh sidewall as you would have it firmly incised, so I finished the rest of the cutter. Plate a little pogięła but naprostowałem it.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	au9hdf.jpg 
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Size:	60.5 KB 
ID:	224
    We cut - the view from the other side (going up the line)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	33wv80w.jpg 
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Size:	23.5 KB 
ID:	225
    (Sorry for the quality was not enough light) Here you can see the holes are drilled for tapping.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2z73i0y.jpg 
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Size:	63.3 KB 
ID:	226
    And this is the end result. When you buy an smaller blade grinder that will finish some tears, etc. Of course, the color will become the very end of the work already done all the parts.
    This is not a masterpiece but it seems to me that quite a good imitation of belly Blitzcrank.

    That's it for today, tomorrow and after tomorrow I will not do anything. It was not until probably Monday I move on with the work.
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    OK this is cool... lets see more!
    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty #moddersinc @moddersinc

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    Very cool . . . the use of the old to create new is a great idea. Can't wait for more.


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    Day 3: "foots."
    Date: 03.09.2013r.
    Working time + / -: 2.0h
    Description: The plan for today is done "feet" of my Blitzcrank. Work seems to be easy but if the material is not perfect and you have to improve yourself and shape all becomes more difficult. Then he will be even harder because i will have to perform hip and it sounds like a cool *** not a difficult job.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wt9n.jpg 
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ID:	509
    With this material we rate.

    The importance of cuts and fixing.

    [img] [/ img]
    The bending plate 90 degrees.

    [img] [/ img]
    But here bent foot: P

    [img][/ img]
    Here I draw the guides to replicate as closely as possible cuts, grooves, etc. that are in the original work.

    [img] [/ img]
    We cut and grind.

    [img] [/ img]
    I rate almost done. (For those who like to cling - These cuts are deliberately not equal as it is in the original job).

    [img] [/ img]
    Drill the holes which then turn the screws (as such details are also important).

    [img] [/ img]
    Know who did it: P

    [img] [/ img]
    The effect almost the end (I did not picture after "zardzawieniu" zaspawaniu these rates and the loss of the right foot: P).

    For now, that's all.


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