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Thread: Alternative Supplier of sleeve

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    Alternative Supplier of sleeve

    Just thought I'd post this up for information. I found this sleeve company while browsing google. I've used MDPC in the past and love it but thought I'd use these guys on my next PSU sleeving job (Corsair HX1000 just blow the other day). I'm liking the idea of heatshrink less sleeve. I will post pictures when my order arrives and after I've finished the job.

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    thanks for the link ... didnt see anything about it being used sleeveless though (all the ones I checked recommend securing it under a crimp or with heatshrink)

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    Yeah its the securing with crimp rather than using heakshrink, the 2mm stuff.

    I emailed there customer services and for a non modular PSU if your going to use their 2mm sleeve they recommend you colour the cables first(if there not already all the same colour), their method is to use rit dye and acetone and dip your cables for a few seconds. You can only dye darker though. With a fully modular PSU you can just replace the coloured cable with new cable of what ever colour you like, however these days most PSU have all black cables so its not so much a problem(well the last 2 PSU's I've had anyways). I've gone for a Corsair AX1200, so fully modular which has all black cables, I might change out the black for white cable when using the white sleeve, I will see how it looks first though.

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    Ok Promised I do this...Better late than never!

    So here she is the Corsair AX1200i.....

    Old MDPC Sleeve looking a bit old a tired....

    I Forgot to take pictures of the Stormsource sleeve and pins when it arrived, so here is a picture of this years pumpkin's that was in the middle of the build pics.

    I decided to build a complete custom set of cables for my build. I removed all the housings from the supplied Corsair cables to reuse them and binned the cable itself. This wasn't easy my removal tool didn't seem to like the Corsair pins. I used black and white 22 AWG cable from Maplins (the cable outer as slightly to big, so wont be using it again), the sleeve and replacement pins all came from Stormsource, although the pins are manufactured by Molex.

    Several hours and a bad back later.....

    And finished...

    My Current Setup, Obutto Gaming chair.

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