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Thread: SandStorm II Case Build

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    Post D'Sa Builds Sanvexor

    Hi guys,
    I'm on holidays after my first year, I've been planing to start doing a new custom case for my new rig. I will be starting my work in few days and I'll keep you updated with photos and some youtube videos once I started, any suggestions is really appreciated.

    First I'm going to do a prototype with form and then fiber it and do the finishing, the front will have a slide opening and system will be cooled by a custom watercooling. (rest is surprise stay tuned)

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    these are the 3D rendering of my design. the lighting system has the ability to change the color.

    I would be glad if i can get a sponsor for the build (I'm in Malaysia), but with or without i will make it anyway.
    I will keep you guys updated as soon as the build start.

    Wish Me Luck

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    Thanks EKWB
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    Exclamation Update 1 on Sandstorm II build

    Hi all,

    I did some work on the side panels. here are the pictures of them.

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    Took a lot of time on geting the perfect shapes and sized, specially because the design has lot of curves

    Task List
    * Build the parts using Styrofoam
    - Side panels
    - Top Panel
    - Front panel
    * Fiber the Styrofoam parts and make a Mold
    * Fiber the mold and make Final pieces
    * Sand the parts and cut out extra
    * Finish the pieces and Paint
    * Connect the electronics and the Components
    * Finish the build
    * Party

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    Hi guys, not much updates yet, I finished the styrofoam case, so i need to fiberglass everything and i will post the photos of the styrofoam build soon,

    And I will be uploading a new better quality Youtube video. stay tuned

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    Hi guys, after sanding all the foam and making the shapes, tried to fiber it covered with masking tape, but the test piece melted. So I will use cement to make the mold, sadly i won't be able to keep the mold, then fiber it to make the case.

    So the half finished case is like

    and I bought the color changing LED stripes to fit to acrylic

    Wait for more updates

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    The Main Man Dewayne's Avatar
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    Do what Brian did and use some car body Bondo and sand it down to the shape you want...
    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty #moddersinc @moddersinc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Americanfreak View Post
    Do what Brian did and use some car body Bondo and sand it down to the shape you want...
    AF, thanks a lot, but what is Bondo? is ti something like Cataloy Paste? I already made the molds using cement, did the finishing touches on it yesterday and now ready to fiber today evening. thanks again AF

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    Here starts a Proper Build log

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    Dedicated to My Dad and Mom for the great support they gave me

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    COOLER MASTER Sponsorship

    First let talk about sponsors, I currently have Sponsorship from Cooler Master
    The promise to help my build with some awesome components that they produce.
    I will soon do a review on the product as soon as I get my hands on them

    Asus Also agreed to partially sponsor me but still waiting for their confirmation. and my build log will start updating frequently after I get the components.

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    Cool Assembling the styrofoam

    Ok Modders m back with some new pics of modding of the build. and today its all about the foam model of the case.

    So as we discussed before once I finished the side panels i concentrated on front n top covers. making these parts were very hard because I had to see through the shapes and sizes to match with the design. after some more long hours of sleepless nights finally most of the parts completed

    Had to frequently check the regularity n equality in shape of the two side panels and also had to make sure the case is symmetrical. few hours of more correcting was put on to this to make sure the final shape was good.

    Had few problems in making the top cover since the curve was to big i had to join two pieces together and as in the above pic i used pins to keep them together till they joined, but to tell the truth it didn't work. so i had to make the mold with the pins still there and then carefully remove them.

    So that's it for today everyone, I'll come up with latest updates again soon.

    A Big thanks go for the sponsors for helping me with this build

    till next time everyone

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    Cooler Master Sponsorship Seidon 240M Review

    Hi guys, on this post today I'm going to do a simple review on the sponsor material I got from Coolermaster for my build, the Seidon 240M Liquid cooler and the GX II 750W PSU. I promise to keep it simple at the same time giving you all the information you need.

    CM 240M Liquid cooler is very good cooling solution for Gamers and mid-range Over-Clockers. Though its not the latest model of liquid cooler by CM (which is Nepton) and it doesnt look fancy like a custom water cooling loop either, its more than enough to keep a properly overclocked system at high stress levels. This product is comparatively very cheap, where a custom water cooling system would cost more than two or three times of that this would cost. Also the main advantage in a closed loop is that you dont have many maintenance issues, you dont have to clean the loop frequently or be worried of leaks. This solution is perfect for builds like mine where all the internal parts are closed so I wont miss fancy water cooling system, but adding it to an open system will not look bad at all.

    Ok now talking about the components and features let me go point wise so its easy to read
    • Maintenance-free for me most important because you dont have to waste a half a day to clean my cooling solution, might be same for you. As I've mentioned before it comes pre-filled and closed loop, but there is a connector in case you want to remove the liquid.
    • A new efficient design for better over-clocking performance. From cold plate and pump to radiator and fans everything is optimized for better cooling and lesser noise.
    • The pump has a very durable n less noise design 70 000 hours life expectancy and less that 25 dBA which is basically cannot be heard.
    • Durable and Flexible tubing - This system comes with a very durable and flexible tubing, you can twist it turn it it won't break. Also the tube ends have been connected in a way that you can turn it almost 180 for different positions of setups and the tubing is long enough for nay setup you like.
    • Ultrafine micro channels which is as in the picture bellow very fine fin on the cold block to maximize surface area therefore increasing the heat transfer.
    • Large Aluminum Radiator Everyone would prefer it to be copper, but the prices would be different then, but the denser fin design can make up for some of that missing copper.
    • PWM capable 4-pin Blade Master Fans (120CM) these fans are pressure optimized to create and maintain enough pressure between radiator and fans. PWM fans gives control over the fan speed therefore reducing noise during low temperatures and increasing fan life
    • Universal Mounting solution supports LGA 2011/1150/1366/1155/1156/775 and AMD FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2.
    • Capable of push/pull/push-pull setups - A wide range of screw sets is included in the package.
    • Very silent cooling capability - less than 40 dBA, but this can vary according to your setup and fan grills.
    • Bow shaped Contact surface for best contact with the chip It is proven that the slightly bow shaped blocks make the best contact with the processor. In the traditional flat face blocks the center of the block makes less contact with the processor reducing heat transfer.
    • Copper CPU block - As anyone would expect the cold block (CPU Block) is pure cooper build and has a very smooth surface for optimum contact.

    Apart from the above all the cables comes with a nice tight black wire sleeving.

    Some people say why Cooler Master named this 240CM a M (medium) and the 120 CM one XL (extra Large), its because the radiator in this one is thinner than the one on 120XL, but its not a reason to think that the 120XL is cheaper and better, because the fin density in this radiator is higher than in the rad of the 120XL in fact it's higher than many other 240CM radiators, so still this radiator maintains that double cooling capabilities than the 120XL and also outperforms many other 240CM radiators.

    The contents of the Package are as follows.

    The cooling solution itself
    2x Blade Master 120CM PWM fans
    1x rubber seal for noise reduction
    1x Fan Splitter (4-pin)
    1x AMD Mounting Bracket set
    1x Intel Mounting Bracket set
    1x Back Mounting Plate
    1x Cooler Master thermal compound
    Screws for all kinds of possible setups

    So thats the basic review of the cooling solution. Soon I will update this with the cooling scores of the system.
    Thank you very much for referring to my review.

    A big Thanks goes to Cooler Master Malaysia for sponsoring my Build

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