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    Sci-Fi Novel

    Im not sure wether I should start a novel or not.... eversince the idea popped in my mind I have been having trouble pushing it back due to stress related issues. I'll give you a sample and you tell me what you think ok.

    - On the planet Solaris Prime people love to watch the 3rd moon set for when it does the moon shimmers with its many Hemitite rocks giving a bright shine of immortality. People once believed that if they watch this spectical enough they would not get old or most importantly hurt. Many people lay sheepishly along public streets fearless for the many carts and animals treading upon the fair ways. But in pure bliss people start to understand what they once lost at childhood. The feeling of unimaginable bliss as if it were their first birth day of the feeling of creating something that no one has acomplished before. In truth with feelings like that death wasnt a obstacle but a mear stone block at a base of the many pyramids that encompased the mountains. Fear was gone and people that were left to flourish and did. Without the price for labor, people began to take intrest in things they havent noticed, like focusing on such details were no longer a strained exercise performed by the top minds, but a leasurely task practiced by even the youngest of children. In fact the third moon with its hemitite crust didnt make you imortal but made you feel alive.
    "Einhander-The Guilds of learning"
    heres another one:

    -the dark caverns house many a dark soul when walking past the local merchant docks, people tend to find the smell of the air less than pleasing. After short trips near the inner citidel the shallow citizens learn very little of why they still encroach upon lands unbefitting of there kind. Besides its not everyday you the weakest minion in the precious ranks of the dark drow. Sadly followers of this magnatuded are less of a threat to the ranking houses. Due to these upsets many of these loners side with powerfull houses in hopes of learning some skills or other crafts they could use in the unholy underdark.
    In the riddles of stone people find many skeletons of bronze and silver but no one dares attempt such a mine for the threat of the many basilisks that thrive on merchant partys far from the citys. The many soldiers that try to fend off such threats find themselves digesting for several days untill they starve to death in a lower colon of a beast of wyrm. Impossible a life some say but it surely beats the boring life topside.

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    Sci-Fi Novel

    Looks like It's going to need lots of work .. starting with the three moons .. I think you'll find that it would be an unstable arrangement that would not last millions of years
    But do not let that sway you from doing SF writing if that is what you want to do
    Pick up a copy of ANALOG ... ... and see what kind of stories are good, what they look for .. It consistently has the the best SF out there, and is voted so and where many, many famous names in SF got there first stories published
    Good luck

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