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Thread: Power switch connectors

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    Power switch connectors

    Hello there,

    I beleive my question is a tad dumb, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.

    I'm going to make a costum case, from the ground up, for a mini itx board, namely the Asus p8h77-i, and I have some questions regarding the power switch.

    First of all, can I use one of these
    and second, what connector do I need, and how to wire it

    Sorry for the dumbs, but I have close to zero experience on electronics
    Any useful comment is welcome, thanks

    EDIT: I just saw, as I was ordering my components, that the PSU, the corsair cx500 80 plus comes with a couple of connectors, so the one I need may be in there, if so, I only need to know how to wire them

    (I'll start a thread on the project soon, maybe tonight)
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    Hm, so since no1 replied, I found it out on other places, and the switch I need was a momentary switch, a SPST (single pole, single throw) NO (normally open), and the headers are the simple 2 pin thingies

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    Sorry just saw the post.

    Yep you are correct. Any power or reset buttons for a PC are momentary switches. Just about any switch can be use for this, but if you want it to light up look for 12VDC. Auto stores/websites have some great stuff that can be use since they use 12VDC.
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