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Thread: Arcade computer case

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    double post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Americanfreak View Post
    Cool you could also use some formica laminate (used to cover kitchen counters or cabinets) to give you a smooth look and tough surface since the control area will get the most abuse.

    Thanks! I might just do that, but since school starts tomorrow, I'll probably do the improvements over the next vacation only, if I stand looking at the poorly finished pannels for that long.

    The pics aren't as great as I'd want them to be, but here they are:

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    wow, it's been a long time since the last update.
    At first it was because I was waiting for parts to arrive, but then I got run over by college, and didn't have much time to post anything
    I have all the parts now, and the computer stands completed, only missing a working OS, I'll get that soon(maybe tomorrow)
    In case you're wondering, the specs are as follow:

    MOBO: Asus p8h77-i (mini-itx)
    CPU: Intel i5 3570
    GPU: Sapphire Tech's radeon hd 7870 GHz OC edition
    RAM: Patriot Viper 3 2x4Gb 1600
    HDD: Seagate barracuda 500Gb 7200rpm
    PSU: Corsair cx500 80+ bronze

    Brace yourselves for the upcoming pictures' avalanche

    The mailman brought me some goodies... oh the excitment.


    My new 1080 x 1920 LED screen (wow this pic is blurry)

    Setting it up outside the case

    Ran into some misterious no post issue, after trying all the basics, I had to come up with a speaker for troubleshooting, my GBA sp took the hit (don't worry, he's fine now)

    After hours (literally, about 5hours) trying to sort out the problem, it suddently disappeared and everything was now running smooth.
    Time to fit it all on the case

    No step by step pics here because I got too excited with it all

    Some disappointedly weak LEDs fitted in

    By the way, something I have not mentioned before, the on/off switch on the front controls these LEDs

    My setup, has it stands right now

    And the views from the case's windows

    The bottom here (side window) is kind of messy, with all the cables, wires and connectors (no, the earphones are not inside the case, it's just a reflection), I'll get that sorted along with some other improvements, later on

    Will also be painting the baby blue strip on the graphics' card to match the case

    No picture of front window, because it was reflecting the light too bad and all you could see were my hands and the cellphone. I can tell you, though, that it looks kind of wrong, because you see the underside of the HDD and the wires running up in front of the HDD

    And that's it for the avalanche, what do you think?

    When I have the time, most likely in the christmas holidays, like mentioned before, I'll be doing doing some improvements, this include:

    *Cover the black front and side pannels with black vinyl (I think formica laminate is just some special kind of vinyl, not sure)

    *Re-paint every blue strip, and the graphics' card strip, for a better, more even colour

    *Re-paint the inside of the case (because I had to do some filing to fit the PSU in, and glue some wooden pieces to support the MOBO (my calculations were off, somehow))

    *Paint all non-black cables (either black or blue, yet to decide)

    *Switch the LEDs for some more powerfull ones (will probably get them from a x-mas tree light set, since those are pretty good, and damn cheap, have used them before)

    *Find some kind of sticker to cover the front acrilyc window

    Anything else you think deserves to be improved, just leave a comment.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Pedro Ferreira View Post
    After fitting everything in, I'll see if there's a need for an exhaust fan, but probably yes. Myabe a 80 or 50mm one, in front of the back plate's grid.
    About the stickers, I have considered it, but it's the front pannels that look the worst, not the side ones

    Today I'm gona spray a coat of varnish and then I'll put up some detail pics
    After that, it's just a waiting game untill the components arrive
    Now that I have installed all the components inside, and un-officially tested the airflow, I can say that an exhaust fan is not necessary, it looks like the air is flowing exactly as expected (post #4)
    I'll be doing some more concluding air flow tests today

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    Some better looking pics of the case right now

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