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    LOL, while making an avatar, I noticed that is for sale. Not actually being serious about it, I typed in the lowest bid possible. This is what I got:

    Go ahead and read the little box I put around my response.

    I thought that was a little high for me personally. hehe.

    I know a few of you guys have started your own sites, how much did you/do you pay to keep your domain name?

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    Splitsite which is Me nogigs and phaxmohdems site was umm im not really sure because phax bought it but ill have to ask him.

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    I bet it wasn't 5 grand

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    LOL...not that much...I think Modders-Inc cost about $12-15 to get and I was able to aquire for $8....funny back story to that one. I wanted both the spellings as I figured that most ppl would not included the - in the names. So I found out who had it and it was one of the guys that work with TBCS site and they had not used it for almost 3 yrs and did not want to give it up. So I back ordered it and when they forgot to renew it I bought it. :-)

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    Whoa! sweet, I'll never type the hyphen again!

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    haha wow, I actually saw someone trying to sell a domain for about...3.5K recently. Forgot hte domain , it was so high though. Yeah, I got my online stores .com domain for.. $14.99 I believe.

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    Yar.. I typed the hyphen.

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    i got two domains, one for my site and one for a friend for free with a hosting package, the package was only $30 for 6 months, seems like a pretty nice deal to me since the package has a lot of stuff included with it. my favorite is the ability to use a mail server finally!

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