This is my first attempt at a case mod....though I suppose its not so much a mod since I built it. I've had my rig in the same Thermaltake Tsunami Dream case for about 10 years just updating the hardware and wanted an open case so sketched this out on paper and built it. Cost about $40 in material and used a dremel, screwdriver, drill, riveter, and a nibbler to make it. Made of 1/16 aluminum stock, lexan, and some modified drive cages from a case I found for $2. Its kind of anticlimatic compared to most of the cases here but I am proud of it. Hardest part was getting the holes right for the mobo standoffs. Plan on putting a radiator behind the fans to water cool the CPU in the future. This build has gotten me excited, think I am going to modify the Thermaltake.

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