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Thread: custom io plate question

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    custom io plate question

    hey guys i'm gettin ready in my latest mod project to create a custom io plate (since it's a full custom case). What do you guys reccomend for cutting this? I'm planning to use some aluminum sheets most likly. Is fancy dremel work my easiest way to go or does anyone know any easier ways to go? I dont know if it's something cheeply available but has anyone ever heard of a metal punch for these common holes (serial, parallel, vga, ect)?

    I'd love some ideas on how you all think i should approach this, so far i'm just planning to trace the patterns on the metal and use the fancy dremel work approach, but i am definatly open for any better suggestions.

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    custom io plate question

    I haven't heard of any punches made for that type of openings. So I guess that the best way to cut the openings is by way of a rotary tool of sorts. Good luck with it and Happy Modding.

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    custom io plate question


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    custom io plate question

    someone on another foroum actually suggested cutting the ends with drill bits, then cutting the space inbetween with a dremel. this would make an oval hole instead of the normal inward slanting holes, but i think this woudl be the easiest way. so i'm considering this right now.

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    custom io plate question

    That method works well. I did the samething for the Quake Wars Radio.

    Took this....

    and make it look like this...

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    custom io plate question

    thats some nice smooth work

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