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Thread: Junk Yard Dog

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    Junk Yard Dog

    ok, so here is my junk yard dog, i found this cosmos next to a bunch of trash cans, i have no idea who would toss out a perfectly good cosmos but their loss is my free project!, i wanted to take this trashcan find and turn it into a decently performing system with a lot of upgradeable possibilities.

    First SOME of the internals

    _Asus crosshair III formula with aquacomputer full board waterblock
    _6GB corsair dominator 1600mhz DDR3 memory
    _Ultra 750W modular power supply
    _Corsair Cosmos gen 1 case

    here is the case (stock pic)
    Name:  CoolerMaster-CosmosRC-1000.jpg
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    Here is a basic layout of the concept
    Name:  DSC00597.jpg
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    there will be a triple 140 in front, and a quad 140 in the top (i will explain the 120 fans later...
    here is the top, i made a couple cutouts where the I/O panel and a tray were there will be plexi and lighting there to show the fans off after im done with them....
    Name:  DSC00662.jpg
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    More about the top, it's going to be powered operation, the parts were 2 seperate pieces but i epoxied them and made cutouts necessary to open it in the front with a hinge at the back, it will be operated by a three way momentary switch or two 22mm bulgin switches and a cutoff switch. heres a pic of what i intend opened, then closed. I took out the ribs in the side plastics and cut them back at the top to make room for the fans that will be there (looks much cleaner too) it also will make room for the servo and pushrod that will open the top.Name:  DSC00662.jpg
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Size:  35.3 KBName:  DSC00663.jpg
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Size:  30.7 KBName:  DSC00665.jpg
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Size:  23.9 KBName:  DSC00667.jpg
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Size:  25.4 KBthe metal of the top is going to be cut out and replaced with plexi that has 140mm holes in it for the rad.

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    Even if no one replies, im still doing this log for me, so let's take a look at power supply shall we, i modded this too!
    I changed the fan for a plum crazy purple painted scythe kaze maru fan 140mm with 120 mount holes, a little cut and paste and it fit fine, i also added the four LED mounts around it, they turned out good, and the whole thing fits my purple and chrome theme, at least i think purple and chrome will work, well see.Name:  DSC00636.jpg
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    I am going to make the 24 pin connection non modular and custom made to the length i need (single sleeved of course) and will have the entire front covered with a piece of black plexi that only the 24 pin will pass through, I will make a custom modular panel to plug in my cables to a remote location in the case, ill take a pic of what i mean and upload tomorrow, also cant decide if i want to keep the hard drive slots or not, take a look and give opinion.Name:  DSC00610.jpg
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    ya I couldn't believe it when i spotted it, but i know it has a ton of potential, I sold the 120 rads i had to get a triple or quad 140mm, i also plan on using scythe Ultra kaze fans on a fan controller with size adapters, that way i can make it sound like a jet engine when overclocking, or keep it quiet and cold when just puttering around, i will be making all wiring myself so everything is uniform and exactly the length needed,(i used to make wiring harnesses for a living no wires crossing over in wierd places or adapters or extenders or crap like that, nice clean presentation.

    I am also going to be making the right side panel out of acrylic, cut to the same shape as the original side panel and bolted to its frame. the other side panel will have shaped cutouts with acrylic windows, im not doing a nice neat wiring job to hide the wires, they will be displayed on the other side appropriately, rather than just bunching them up and stuffing them a

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    OK so sticking with a triple 120 to start with, im going to mount up in the front of the case, ive made the cutouts in the front of the case for the fans to mount up the radiator the fans will act as the mount for the rad, take a look.Name:  DSC00684.jpg
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Size:  38.7 KBName:  DSC00685.jpg
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Size:  35.8 KBName:  DSC00686.jpg
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Size:  38.9 KBName:  DSC00688.jpg
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Size:  34.8 KBName:  DSC00687.jpg
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Size:  27.5 KBName:  DSC00689.jpg
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    Ive made a quick mod to the top to allow four fans to be mounted in the top and still allow the top to shut over them, as shown here....Name:  DSC00682.jpg
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Size:  36.5 KBName:  DSC00683.jpg
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    and finally to finish my update, i painted my motherboard tray matte black, as i will the rest of the case interior and finished painting my fans. Name:  DSC00679.jpg
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Size:  34.6 KBName:  DSC00680.jpg
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Size:  31.4 KBName:  DSC00681.jpg
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Size:  29.3 KBName:  DSC00678.jpg
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    - - - Updated - - -

    just a quick add on to give credit where credit is due, the fan stencil came from the mnpctech guys website, thanks for helping out fellas!

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    Ive decided to lose the whole hard drive slots portion and will instead have a radiator spaced in so the fans seal against and draw air through the side panel on the left (which will be acrylic) , ive also decided to box in around the fan radiator area in front to seal it off from the rest of the case (and hide the hard drives) also im getting adventurous and am going to cool my cpu and eventually ram with a water cooled peltier plate (ive seen a guy hit -15 C at idle on a 3 ghz overclocked phenom processor, that to me is well worth making a condensation seal around my CPU!

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    ive painted the chassis flat black, just got to rivet the whole thing back together and do paint touch ups after, heres a few pics of it mocked up, held together by the plastic frames.......btw, the droplets over everything is rain water, luckily all the paint was well dried before we got a freak shower
    Name:  DSC00695.jpg
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Size:  35.7 KBName:  DSC00696.jpg
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Size:  34.8 KBName:  DSC00697.jpg
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Size:  25.9 KBName:  DSC00698.jpg
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    my inspiration for this case is the transformers character shockwave, powerful and intimidating and with his own fusion powered cannon to boot, seemed good to me, heres pics of the original and the new DOTM version.
    Name:  shockwavetvshow.jpg
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Size:  10.6 KBName:  DOTM_Shockwave_JoshNizzi_TF3.jpg
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    thats where im at at the moment, later all.......

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    Wow! Lucky you. Seriously must be a really rich dude with tons of money who probably got the wrong stuff and threw it out. Nice!

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    people in my line of work toss things out regularly when they have to move again all of a sudden, sorry theres been no updates, i have been taking some time to go over my work so far and redirect as necessary, sometimes you just gotta take a step back and think before the good idea fairy screws the pooch for you haha

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