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    So i'm finally back with a few updates for those who may still be tracking this thread, i tossed aside the original plastic front panel of the chassis and instead used a piece of 1/8" plexi glas to mount my swiftech 360mm radiator, i screwed up the first attempt when i taped together the stencil, so the third fans spacing was off, oh well, tried again and came out like a champ, take a look.....Name:  DSC00708.jpg
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    the removal of the front panel also left a good 3/4" space between the door and the plexiglas where the fans are mounted, so there shouldn't be any restriction in the air flow to the fans, this came out better than i expected, i plan on cutting out the top panel in a similar way to make a space for a 480mm radiator up there, ill keep you posted on continued progress.

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    I finally made the cutout for the window on the Left side panel, but i am going to go even further and add a triple 120 hole setup for exhaust fans on the same panel, i will take plenty of pics so you can see. I also wanted to maintain the sound dampening so i am keeping as much of it as possible, and will be using some of the scraps to insulate other things like the PSU mount.

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    OK been a LOOOOOOOOOONG minute since i posted anything, money got tight (still is somewhat, but ill give you a written update, got my top panel cutout done, i have a set of older hardware in there for now to do some work on, but i am still working on parts of the chassis while i do this, i will have more updates soon i promise!

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    That's what happens when your girl friend catches you looking a porn, your computer ends up next to a trash can lol. That's looking great!

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