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Thread: First mod case need help

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    Red face First mod case need help

    Hi there like the title say this I need help building my first mod case I got a xps730x case but the case is getting boring to watch and I so some cool cases on the web I have a basic concept of what I what I what to make it look like a cool Full Metal Alchemist case, or a Bleach case there a both anime but I don't know whit what case to start whit if you guys can help me recommend places that can make custom parts like fan grills, but the main thing is what case I need to start whit if you guys can recommend a full atx tower case that will be great.
    plzz help I will updating the post when I start making it.

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    Are we talking about this case?

    It is still a nice looking case to work with.

    If you are wanting to maybe do a military type of case maybe you might want to look as this since it going to be your first case mod.
    The theme is already started and with a few things added and some painting you would have a pretty cool looking case.

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    agreed to GX700, full metal alchemist makes for pretty nice themed cases (personally i would like to see someone go old school anime and do a cowboy bebop or trigun case , mnpctech makes custom parts, moddiy makes custom parts, some of the people on this forum do custom parts, what services are you looking for?

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