Hey everyone!

I'm new to the modding scene and was wondering how to custom light my pc chassis. I had some ideas in mind. I was thinking of using an arduino board with addressable leds so that i can create sectors in my chassis and make them bright with different colours based on the current image on the screen. I also found a way to vary the brightness of the led based on the sound playing. My code is very badly written for now as I've copied a lot of examples from the internet and am not good at coding to begin with and dont have any experience! I have the Asrock extreme ac 6 motherboard and it has a usb port which is accessible inside my chassis so its convenient to place my arduino (uno) inside. I want to know if the USB port will supply enough power to power an LED addressable strip such as lpd8806 or ws 2811 then i can get truly customisable lighting under $40.

UNO: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/UNO-R...429909255.html
WS 2811 http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Set-1...172504677.html

How many LEDs can a usb port power? OR should i get power from the smps. I dont know what to do and how to do it when it comes to powering the LEDs yet. I got code to send serial messages to the arduino to change the state of the leds too... The FASTSpi library can be used to communicate with the arduino also. Has anyone tried lighting with an addressable LED strip? Coz i dont want to buy an NZXT hue and have to change the colours on my own all the time... (Plus the hue has only 32 leds) Theres one way of doing this which will not require coding anything! I can buy a blinkytape but it ain't available to the public yet.

Note: I haven't purchased an LED strip yet so I can't test the colour changing capabilities yet...

Any information to make lighting my chassis totally customisable based on movie/game playing will be great!

Thanks in advance!