As the title suggests I am a very novice modder who is looking to do his first ever build/mod to an Antec 300 case, ideally I have an idea in mind but i'm not sure how to go about it really. I was initially thinking of putting in 2-3mm acrylic L shaped window starting from the top and dropping down past the fan grill already in place on the side and then etching on 3 symbols that mean alot to me. The assassins Creed logo, Horde logo (world of warcraft) and the Heartless logo from kingdom hearts. By doing this i can finally add my own personal touch to my case as its always something that i've wanted to do. I've sourced most of my materials already without a real start which was kind of stupid:

  • - 4010 mounting tape from mnpctech
  • - a bi-metal 18tpi jigsaw blade set from B&Q
  • - acrylic sheet (just have to figure out which would look better 2 or 3mm)
  • - window trim 2m (ebay just waiting on hearing back if they ship to where I am)

ideally i have seen some amazing work that i'd love to sort of emulate, as seen in the pic link:

Half way down the modder who made the work log cut his own custom logo and made the edges highlighted using LED's with what looks to be blue cold cathodes deeper within the case. My question to experienced modders out there is that:

  • - would i be able to use an LED strip around the acrylic to generate the same effect?
  • - would i need a secondary light within the case to highlight the etched planes?
  • - would an L shaped cut out look better with this style in mind than a full window cut out (removing the fan grill and adding a new one on top for air flow?)

Any advice for this current mod or for future mods would be greatly appreciated