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Thread: New to modding but addicted

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    New to modding but addicted

    Hey folks, I recently acquired some new clients that were very demanding for artwork deadlines and my old graphics rig couldn't keep up, so I decided to buy a prebuilt workstation/gaming rig ..after receiving it, it realized it just wasn't as flexible and as powerful as I would like for my main design machine. so I returned it then went to Microcenter here in Atlanta and started to build a PC myself. I have modded components of existing machines that I have owned but never built from scratch.

    I read a ton of reviews the pros and the cons of a a self-build and I wanted to avoid it at all costs, mainly because of warranty issues and the headache of building plus down time etc.
    but after the workstation arrived, it was just disappointing..too generic. I was almost forced into a build because of this disappointment, but looking was the best decision I have ever made regarding my equipment.

    So, I just went nuts and bought almost everything I needed in one day. I still have to max out the ram and add a 2nd v-card and a water cooler, that will come when I am sure this is the equipment setup I need. The hardware build was dang easy, software took only a few days to get everything loaded but I am up and running SOLID and I need to customize and clean up the cables a bit.

    I am a Mac fan, although I am predominately a Windows user...I do appreciate the solid build and visual style of Apple products. My original plan was to do an ATX build using one of our old Mac Pro G5 towers...but it involved sourcing too many parts in a short period of time.

    So I went with a Lian-Li pc-v360 case to keep the clean aluminum theme that I like. Everything is great but I am having a hard time finding a few key parts to make it perfect.

    My main concern at this moment is the drive cage inside the case, there are actually two of them from the factory, 3.5 & 2.5 and I want them both out of there and replaced by one covered cage that can support 5 or 6 drives. They are easily removable, leaving a big space that I could fit a basic cage into. but the case is very skinny, so not all drives cages will work.

    The reason I want to remove it, is that it's ugly, I want something that is either hot swappable via a drive tray or that has a covered front like the NZXT Phantom drive cages.
    I am wanting to achieve a covered look to the drives and provide a little functionality for swapping if possible.

    I am having a hard time finding the right cage to fit into that area. I have given up on finding a total silver colored one and would settle for a black one that would be sprayed silver later on. I was hoping to find a "bolt-on" standalone modular cage that has trays or doors built in, or even a cage out of an existing case from another manufacturer (such as the cosair 600 cage).

    but I am open to suggestions or other ideas.

    Build info & pics:
    (since these pics I have added all 6 drives and sleeved cables.)

    - i7 4770k
    - ASUS Gryphon w/ Tuf Armour kit
    - Lian-Li PC-v360 Case
    - EVGA gtx680 2gb
    - 16gb ram
    - Samsung evo 128gb ssd main
    - 5 spinners
    - LG br/dvd burner
    - 750w psu
    - led light strip
    - Win7 Pro-64

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    See if you can find a SATA drive tray from an Intel 5300 server, that might fit your needs, would have to be painted though

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    I ended up using the drive handle from Lian-li, they had to be redrilled to allow clearance for the door to fit back on, but it made for a nice matching look.
    I found and old server drive cage that would have worked, unfortunately the swing arm inner door for the radiator would not fit or mount.

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