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Thread: Tic Tac Flashlight

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    Tic Tac Flashlight

    I know this really isn't modding a computer but I thought you guys would think this was neat. And im extremelly bored.
    Parts needed:
    1:TicTac box
    1:5mm White(or any color you want)LED 3.6volt 20mA 1100mcd(or higher) P/N: 276-0320
    1:Momentary Pushbutton Switch or Toggle Switch. P/N: 275-1547
    1:22-Ohm Resistor, 1/2 watt 5% tolerance P/N: 271-1103
    Solder Gun
    22 guage or thinner wire
    3 AAA Batteries

    This is the top of it. Switch and LED

    I know the picture is crap but its from my camera phone, I apologize. This is the inside and how i wired it.
    Switch on the left and LED on the right with the resistor in between

    This is it working YAY

    This is the schematic:

    Be sure to connect the short wire on the LED to the Battery not the resistor

    Im planning on building another one tommorow but maybe not out of a TicTac box and I will update it here. Let me know what you think.

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    Tic Tac Flashlight


    Would probably usefull for those particularly dark lan parties (aka the ones with "atmosphere&#34.

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