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Thread: Modders-Inc tribute

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    Modders-Inc tribute

    Ermm well this tribute kinda sucks and took me about 10 minutes in windows movie maker. I will be doing a better one in a couple of weeks with power director or something but i thought that some people here deserved a nice little video made about them. Now i know i didnt get everyone in the video and to the people who are in the video i know i didnt get all of your mods. for those wondering yes i have 2 of my cases in it but im at the very very end and mine suck anyway . so without futher ado I give you this tribute to all the people who i think should be recongnized hopefully you guys will enjoy the music enjoy!

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    Modders-Inc tribute

    hmmm can't get it to show up...

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    Modders-Inc tribute

    nice job i think

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    Modders-Inc tribute

    neither can i hrmm

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    Modders-Inc tribute

    It worked just fine for me. Thanks for the tribute.

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    Modders-Inc tribute

    seems to be working now. You welcome em3!

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    Modders-Inc tribute

    hey very nice! thx for including mein lam3z0r modz.

    now upload ep2 pls

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    Modders-Inc tribute

    Hmm yeah the image quality needs improving and i think some better pictures and captions could be put in place but good idea.

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    Modders-Inc tribute

    HAHAHAHAHA You spelled my name wrong :lol:

    Here are some of my other Modz
    My first ones and some others 9&what=allfields&=&action=

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