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Thread: new mod im thinking of doing

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    new mod im thinking of doing

    well its time for a new case cuase my ammo can is making my oced athlon at im planing on a new mod around a military theme i know it has been done alot before but i was woundering what u gusy would think of it being done in a nemis elite.ill also do a custom paint job of like a camo or green not sure yet.ill also have water cooling in it so the water will be died uv green or mabe jsut green for now not sure .it will be a few weeks before i can get the case and the parts i want for it. so tell me your input in it and what u think of my case choice or a case that will be better for this mod.
    heres a link to the case

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    new mod im thinking of doing

    I think that it should not be done in a nemesis elite. I'm doing one in a nemesis elite! Check the linky. Started a while ago. Not to mention it's an annoying case at times; there are so many innaccesible spots that weren't planned well.

    Oh, and a reglular size watercooling setup is going to have a hard time fitting in there.

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    new mod im thinking of doing

    I am not a big fan of the front piece of that case, but could it be used to some how make a futuristic looking tank?

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    new mod im thinking of doing

    That case and a military theme don't really seem to fit together to me. Unless it's a futuristic Riddick type military or something. Which would be cool.

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    new mod im thinking of doing

    it most likly will be a futuristic military theme liek in halo or something with modern age stuff ill mostlikly get the case or do u knwo of a case that woudl be better.thnaks for the input

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    new mod im thinking of doing

    I think the case itself already look über..

    You could color it to acid-like colors?

    And maybe a couple LED's that'd light a sign that you'd somehow engrave (that the right word?) in the plexi?

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