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Thread: GHOST RIDER.... The PC of VENGEANCE!!!!!

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    GHOST RIDER.... The PC of VENGEANCE!!!!!

    Yeah.... 2014, a chance at redemption. The "wiener" of the 2013 contest is already tootin his horn, so I guess I need to put a shot across the ol' bow if his proverbial boat!

    For those that have not followed this character, he's undergone several iterations. Mine, that I envision, is summed up nicely by this picture from the Marvel Comics, Ultimate Avengers 2, #2:
    Name:  Ghost-_Rider_ultimate_avengers_2_Small.jpg
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    So, we get the honor of using the Thermaltake T81 Urban as our canvas, and a canvas it shall be!
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    I've got the case, I've got the chain....
    Just found this gem this weekend, and it appears to be the right dimensions:

    And *just a few minutes ago, I found the Ghost Riders trademark shoulder spikes!

    So, yeah.... this is all starting to take shape!
    I've had several questions about how I am going to to the trademark fire on the skull. If it works like I have researched it... it is going to be stunning. Here is a hint, it will not be static. It will be animated.

    Couple more things for me to buy, but I plan on putting my best foot forward to wrest the title from Dewayne this year....

    Hang around, watch the threads.... this should be fun!
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    So.... some of my modding supplies came in... and I'm a happy camper!
    The 2 things that arrived were a set of cast skulls that were properly sized
    Name:  GR_mockups02.jpg
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    And some ultrasonic transducers.
    The effect that I am going to try and reproduce in the case is this wonderful flame effect masterminded by Dimplex for their electric fireplaces:

    I intend to build a reservoir for the transducer and the water, and some sort of chimney to pull the microfine mist up. Bottom lit with various red/orange/yellow LEDs, I am hopeful that the water vapor will move up around the suspended skull and be lit by the bottom mount LED's.

    I intend to keep pushing the water up and out of the case, not not humidify the case internals. I have a design in my head for the reservoir, that I believe will give me what I need... but we'll see....

    But, suffice to say the you tube video shows what I am going to try and accomplish!
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    So, this long weekend is perfect for me to work on the res that the skull will sit over.
    The reservoir under the skull will house the ultrasonic transducer which will create the fog, that will simulate the flames.

    The res needs to be deep enough to keep the transducer underwater, and built so that the water droplets that the transducer shoots up, will not be pushed out of the res. So I built 2 baffles into the res. One to direct air into the res (to create positive air pressure, more on that in a minute), and another that will be over the transducer to keep the water droplets from being launched up and out of the res and into the skull stage area.

    So, hopefully some pics of the mockup will explain. Those that know me know I kick it old school with paper and tape. SO, what you are going to see is me building the framework of the res with paper, in the proper dimensions and shapes.

    This is the initial mockup with the front baffle in place. I plan on redirecting a little bit of the front intake fan into the res. This will direct the air down toward the top of the water surface.
    Name:  image.jpg
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    I then plan on putting a "spatter protector" baffle in place to keep the water droplets that get shot above the transducer, to be caught and then drip back down into the res:
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    Here is how it will lay out one everything is in place:
    Name:  image (2).jpg
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    There will be walls to box it all in, obviously. but once together, it should produce the fog nicely. That will then rise into the skull stage that is above it....

    That's the plan at least.
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    topping it off and tying it all together....

    So with the bottom reservoir fleshed out, I turn my attention to the top of the install, where the skull will be. Now, keeping in mind that the fog is still water vapor, I have no desire to let that into the case. All vapor will be directed upwards and out of the case via normal air movement and some design decisions on the shape of the skull stage. Specifically the roof. It will maintain an upward slant to direct any of the micronized mist upward and away from the case.
    Name:  ghost_res001.jpg
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    Name:  ghost_res002.jpg
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    As you can see, I keep the top most roof at a slant to allow the water vapor to continue to move upward. Hopefully no condensation will happen.

    Name:  ghost_res003.jpg
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    Put it all together and you can see how the whole idea fits together. I have not cut the holes where the air will come in and he vapor will exhaust, but that will come next! Then I start building out the reservoir. I Have sheets of acrylic in the garage, but color will play a big role in the material choice. I'm going to be shooting light through it into the bottom of the stage of the skull, so transparent is looking more and more like the ultimate choice.
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    some good updates!

    So, in fabricating the water reservoir, I've made some good headway:
    Name:  ghost_res004.jpg
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    Here I had 3 of the 4 walls setup and was preparing for the 4th wall of the box

    Name:  GR_Res005.jpg
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    4th wall attached and glued

    Name:  GR_Res007.jpg
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    testing the integrity of the glue seams

    Name:  GR_Res008.jpg
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    This picture is a little tough to see, but I have put on a side wall, that is on the bottom of the frame right now. I have taken the other wall and laid it like a diamond shape on the frame so that I could put a water bottle on top of the frame for some additional weight, to help the acrylic glue make a good bond with the walls.

    I'm also planning out some window etching for the build...
    Name:  GR_window1.jpg
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    Name:  GR_window2.jpg
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    I reversed the words and placed them on the other side of the window, and my plan is to etch the words to the inside of the window. All I will have to do is follow the black lettering on the other side!

    Oh yeah, and the Skull is also taking shape. I drilled 3 holes in the skull, one in each eye socket, then one in the center back base of the skull for the wires to exit.
    Running my wires for the LED's
    Name:  GR_skull001.jpg
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    Name:  GR_skull002.jpg
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    I then soldered my orange LED's to the wired, running them off of the 5v supply of a standard 4 pin molex, I used a 120 ohm, 1/8 watt resistor to supply these LEDs. I think the glow came out almost perfect!
    Name:  GR_Skull003.jpg
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    Hopefully, I will have more to show later today!
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    14 days.... 14 days.... thought I would have been further along... *but* making that water reservoir box water tight has proven challenging! But I'm 99.9 percent there! Found a *very* slow leak on the bottom that my paper towel test showed after 30 minutes of operation. So it is out on the work bench getting another bead of weldon cured on the suspect joint. So, while working on that and taking the time necessary to seal it properly, other stuff needs to be built to attach to the water reservoir.... namely the skull stage!

    So, I took my two initial pieces and broke out my acrylic heater to make a couple simple bends:
    Name:  Photo Jun 02, 8 52 44 PM.jpg
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    Heat it up:
    Name:  Photo Jun 02, 8 39 46 PM.jpg
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    Start with flat:
    Name:  Photo Jun 02, 8 52 07 PM.jpg
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    End with a bend!
    Name:  Photo Jun 02, 8 52 30 PM.jpg
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    Made 2 pieces, one with a 90 degree bend, and another with about a 45 degree bend. This was easier this way for me to set the proper ceiling height, then glue the 2 pieces together.

    Tonight I started fleshing out the side walls:
    Name:  Photo Jun 14, 8 54 13 PM.jpg
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    Name:  Photo Jun 14, 8 55 24 PM.jpg
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    Name:  Photo Jun 14, 8 55 32 PM.jpg
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    Still a bit of pulling and shaping to do but they are set for the most part. I didnt want straight walls, as the skull bulges slightly due to the roundness of the cranium, and I didnt want potential airflow problems around the skull on the stage so I intend to flare the side walls out to allow for hopefully more rolling flame effects. Also, hard corners on wall joints may lead to unwanted condensation. I'll have to see. We are in unexplored territory right now!
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