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Thread: (New?) Old member!

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    Red face (New?) Old member!

    Hi all! I'm back to the forums since 2006, I guess it's pretty much like being a n00b again!
    I suppose most of you were in diapers then :P (I don't even recognise myself in my own old posts!) please be patient with this old geek.

    Thanks to Americanfreak I got back my old account, so blame him :P

    P.S.: New project coming soon!

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    Welcome Back!

    Spread the word as there is nothing better than a forum to show off your hard work.
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    wheres the damned "like" button??!?!?
    Welcome back!!!
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    Great to see you here! Please spread the would as there seems to be less and less true modding sites since everyone seemed to have migrate to Facebook or OverClocking sites for modding...which I still don't understand.
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