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Thread: Want A Modded PC.

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    Want A Modded PC.

    i am very new to forum and i really dont understand it to much. but i am looking for someone who could mod a pc case for me, maybe even the whole thing all the way down to the motherboard.

    i am looking for a batman design.

    i well pay for all product, also pay for the work.

    you give me a price and maybe some ideas because truthfully i dont know what i really want. i just know i want it to have the batman theme.

    Name:  3D_Batman_Symbol_in_Back_Background.jpg
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    What's your budget?

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    yeah, what's you budget ? ^^
    You can get through all the job with no cent just using used stuff, tough i'd not recommand it (cheap look guaranteed ^^)

    An average modding budget 'd be around 30 bucks including paint and some cool leds and assuming you don't have to buy expensive Dremel cutting tools or so (find a buddy who's got one !)

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