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Thread: Best way to cut acrylic/plexiglass?

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    Best way to cut acrylic/plexiglass?

    I am gathering supplies to make a custom plexiglass case and need to know what the best method is for cutting acrylic or plexiglass. I have a Dremel and have used it to cut plexi before, but I found it to be difficult and leaves a pretty ugly cut. Plus the acrylic kept starting to melt. Is there a certain kind of cutting disk I need to get? Or perhaps a fine-blade hacksaw? Fairly knew to modding and looking for all the information and ideas I can get from experienced modders. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also wondering how thick of plexi to use for the case. I am thinking at least 1/4in. Do I need to go thicker for stabiltiy?

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    Best way to cut acrylic/plexiglass?

    I've only cut plex once but I used a multi purpose bit at a low speed to keep it from mealting. You could also just heat a knife up very hot and cut through it then sand the edges down that melted.

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    Best way to cut acrylic/plexiglass?

    To do a custom case you want your edges straight and cleanly cut, I would look at using a bandsaw or jigsaw using something for a straight edge. Some even use table saws with a fence.

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    Best way to cut acrylic/plexiglass?

    yeah a table saw with a fine blade, also watch out sliding it across the table, or any saw across the surface, it can leave scratches the whole length, tape up the top of table or bottom of the saw with duct tape and then masking tape over that to help it slide.

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    Best way to cut acrylic/plexiglass?

    or you can just mask the plexi... which you should do anyway.
    Also, if you are using thin plexi (which you shouldnt for a case) you can also cut through the plexi whil it is on top of a thin piece of scrap wood, i found that this helped prevent chipping for the really cheap stuff.

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    Best way to cut acrylic/plexiglass?

    I second the table saw. This is the method I mostly use. Just mask off both sides of the plex and run it through a hair over sized. that way you can sand it or mill the edges down smooth and shiny.

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