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Thread: Is this mod even possible?

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    Is this mod even possible?

    so my brother want to upgrade his Emachine EL 1352G

    the specs are

    AMD Senpron 145 processor 2080 GHz
    2gb RAM
    64 bit

    he want to upgrade where he can at least play battlefield on it.

    his question to your guys is it upgrade-able?
    if so what would you get?
    if not can, you use the case and put new parts inside?

    many thanks

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    is it a EL1352G-41?

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    First off, Battlefield 3 & 4 will not run on anything you could muster out of that system, the PCI-E, if it even has one would be x1 and the power supply is only around 200w (not enough to run a GTX card). Battlefield 2 would probably run on it, I would recommend a processor upgrade to an Athlon II x2 or x4.

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