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Thread: Making a rugged laptop?

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    Making a rugged laptop?

    Has anyone tried to make their laptop rugged. I know you can buy ‘ruggedized’ laptops, but do you have any tips on making a normal laptop rugged?

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    Making a rugged laptop?

    Really there isnt much one can do other than to keep it, where it wont fall and even if it does most laptops are designed to take some light abuse.

    The only thing I can think of is to build your own case for it.

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    Making a rugged laptop?

    Try looking for millatry laptops. I believe that some of the components are encased in resin and heatpipe cooled. I could be wrong though. My regiment were just starting to get all the gucci field computer kit when I was leaving, so I never got a chance for a look.

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    Making a rugged laptop?

    I can reinforce the body(palmrest, baydrives...etc) but what about the LCD screen?
    I could some edge protection, but that won't stop the screen from flexing

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    Making a rugged laptop?

    You might try laminating some lexan/other clear material to the screen to stiffen it. Dont know what kind of adhesive you would use though... most of them fog the plastic.

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    Making a rugged laptop?

    I haven't seen any rubber skin type deals like they have for cel phones, theres something for someone to market lol send me a commission check if you mass produce any..

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    Making a rugged laptop?

    Near where I work there is a contractor crew doing some brick work and they are using scaffolding. If you have ever seen scaffolding you know that they use 2 bars bolted in to an X for structural support. Well I figured the same idea as what I need. I need 2 braces to prevent flexing of the screen. And I came up with this.

    This would be attached to the back of the lid of the laptop. If I use this with a custom bezel it should stiffen the LCD a lot.

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