If I may introduce myself, my Name ist Daniel M., 30 years old, from Germany.
Computers fascinated my since ever ago, I startet gaming on my mother's PC when I was 10 years old, twenty years ago!
Since then, I was spending several hours a day gaming, webbrowsing and so on...
Cases in this times where grey and boring, then I saw the first casemod and thought: WOW! This is awesome :-)
I always wanted to built my own...
...when I was a child, I didn't had the crafting skills I needed... ...then I became a metalworker and later a mechanical engineering technician.
I guess I wanted to learn something to help my improving my casemod-skills :-D
And now I startet my first casemod project and finished it some days ago!

Now I like to share my work with you, perhaps to inspire some of you and get some inspiration for my next project.

A complete foto gallery will follow soon in a seperate thread!

Please excuse my bad english kownledge! I am working on it :-D