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Thread: The NUKE V3 - nearly finished

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    The NUKE V3 - nearly finished

    Hello everybody,

    I like to give you a Photo Tour of my first Casemod - I hope you enjoy it!
    At first, some pictures of how it looks now nearly finished:

    So let us see how everything startet:
    At first, I found an ammunition box, I guess it was used for tank-ammo or rocket-launcher ammo! (The big one)
    I chose this one, because the small one on the table couldn't provide enough space to take all the parts of a gamer pc.

    Wondering of the correct placement for all the computer parts inside the box, I startet an 3D-Construction of the box
    (I had only one try! One false cut trough the metal skin and everything would be ruined)

    But for 100% correct construction, I needed all parts. So I bought them and placed them on top of the box.
    Most important things where:
    At first, the lenght of all cables, the power supply needet to be set in the middle of all components!
    The biggest problem that occured was the height of the graphics card, the box was too flat, the graphics card didn't fit into it while plugged onto the mainboard.

    At this time, I had no solution for the graphics card problem. But I had the perfect positions for all other components! So the cutting began...
    First, the steel profiles had to be removed.

    Then, the cutout for the mainboard chassis could be made. I used a chassis from one of my old computers.

    This is the cutout for the power supply. I was supprised, the 3 power supplies I had, had all different layouts at the back for the switch and the socket!
    The cutout needed to be extended, that all kinds of power supplies could be used in this case.

    Here you can see the cutout for the fan control. At first, a cutout at the preferred position needed to be made.
    But the fan control needed a chassis, so I looked over the old pc case and found a 5,25" chassis I could use!

    The orginal 5,25" chassis had to be cut in 2 parts, these 2 parts also needed to be cutted at the upper an lower end.
    Both ends needed to be bent to fix them with screws in the case. (There are no holes in the "feet" yet)

    Here you can see the fan control in it's chassis at it's perfect position. I drilled a hole through the case and the chassis, so both parts match perfect!

    I did nearly the same with the 5,25"/3,5" combined-chassis, also from an old pc case. I only had to cut it at the top and bent the ends. Then put everything together and in place, and drill holes through the upper and lower ends of the combined chassis. Don't forget to put screws and nuts in the holes, or the whole thing will fall apart ;-)

    In this picture I added cutouts for 2 fans, the case could now pickup all pc hardware, except the graphics-card!

    This was the first test with all components, everything fits very nice.

    Now, the graphics card problem had first priority. Where could I put the graphics cards? The height of the case was too low, I had to find another solution...
    ...the only solution was to put it directly over the mainboard, at the inner surface of the case. I needed to get a much more detailed 3D-construction of the problem...

    There was enough space for the graphics card, but no possibility to fasten it on! I needed two special sheet metal parts to mount the graphics card on.

    The 2 sheet metal parts on top left where used to mount the graphics card in the case! The big sheet is to cover the many cutouts at the top of the case.

    Here you can see the mounted graphics card, all pc components could be installed now!

    But first, the case needed a nice paint. But which? A military camouflage should fit to a ammo-box, or? But all camouflages are a bit boring, after searching the web for several days, I found this! This guys really had a cool idea about a new camouflage.

    That was exactly what I wanted, so I decided to use this kind of camouflage on my case.

    So the case was nearly finished, just put everything together and! Be stunned...

    I hope you enjoyed the Photo Tour!

    The case is not finished yet. I wonder if I should illuminate the acrylic windows with red leds and engrave the surface to make it glow?
    What do you guys think about that?

    Kind regards, the Engraver
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