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Thread: PUNISHER ~ God Will Judge Our Enemies I'll Arrange The Meeting

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    PUNISHER ~ God Will Judge Our Enemies I'll Arrange The Meeting

    It's time to PUNISH a MOD out in honor of The Punisher
    Name:  tumblr_inline_mi8k85o2x51qaj97u.jpg
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    I think the Thermaltake Urban T81 is a excellent Full Metal Jacket for this MOD.
    Name:  200px-ThermaltakeLogo.jpg
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    Urban T81 Case by Thermaltake
    Name:  5021_9_tt_esports_counts_down_with_gaming_fans_for_the_2011_taipei_game_show_tgs.jpg
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    DPS 850W PSU by Thermaltake
    Name:  AMD_Logo11.jpg
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    CPU sponsored by AMD
    Name:  gigabyte_wallpaper_contest_michal_Frydryszak_1920x1080.jpg
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    Motherboard sponsored by Gigabyte
    Name:  ballistix-tracer_powered-by-crucial_logo_REV.gif
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    Memory sponsored by Crucial
    Name:  nvidia logo.jpg
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    Video Card sponsored by NVIDIA
    Name:  EK-Logo2-black.jpg
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    CPU Water Cooling sponsored by EKWB

    My Concept is a few mods using a new skill and tool I recently gained access to, the epilog laser.
    Name:  side.jpg
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    From this idea to the MOD. Let's Fire things up and BURN something.

    Name:  2014-05-30 15.25.06.jpg
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    Me loving the Laser Tool, Don't tell the Floor manager I'm without my Shop Glasses

    Name:  Punisher-inshadow.jpg
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    The hard part of using the Laser is not operating or learning how to use it.
    Secret is it's not much more complicated than operating a simple printer.
    It's all in the Graphics. Raster, Vector, Print Shop, Photo Shop, Corel Draw, JPG, BMP, CDR...
    The laser works with an image and burns or cuts based on the image intensities and power settings.
    This image was taken down to 2 colors, re-traced and set for 600 DPI, 100% speed and 75% power.
    Mistake is made was the speed/power was too high and melted the image as it etched it. For a acrylic reactive image
    you want a clean etch not burn. Burn eliminates the refraction and light catching effect. I'll fix that later on.
    Name:  2014-05-30 23.44.04.jpg
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    The side Acrylic panel Etched with this Image

    Name:  The_Punisher_Skull_by_Frozen_Wrath.jpg
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    DIG THIS! Love it! Need to use it! Let's try the upper intake grill.

    Name:  DSCF2710.jpg
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    Not bad. Kinda light, the metal under the paint is not bright but more on the dark side.

    Name:  DSCF2716.jpg
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    Light testing and no happy. I knew with the melting image problem it would not be good. SO I need to solve this.

    Name:  DSCF2932.jpg
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    VERY CAREFULLY, Like painting with a brush I used some 800 grit sand paper in all kinds of shapes and sizes to scuff up the Image.

    Name:  DSCF2950.jpg
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    Something missing on the top with the Image being so dull, let's light it up!

    Name:  DSCF2955.jpg
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    This could of come out very bad or very good. The trick is alignment and spacing. I like how it turned out.

    Name:  DSCF2997.jpg
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    The Frank Castle Be On the Look Out BOLO wanted poster laser etched.
    I was so worried that the detail would not be readable and it ended up more fine and nice than I ever hoped for.
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    More LASER!!!! MORE MORE!!! I CAN'T STOP!! HELP!!!
    Can you tell I'm having fun with the new tool/toy?
    Name:  DSCF3094.jpg
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    This is the 2nd run of this panel.
    Don't laugh but what I did was painters tape top and bottom of work area, run a test print and be sure things are lined up. Then take the tape off and go.
    I took the panel out. took tape off and put back in upside down. So sand down, re-paint and laser up again.
    Name:  2014-07-03 13.46.36.jpg
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    Taped for layout set-up
    Name:  DSCF3041.jpg
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    I had hours to run 4 runs on this tweeking sections to how I like and DUH!!!! Upside down...
    Luckily I didn't go crazy on the Power setting and burned any metal.
    Name:  DSCF3070.jpg
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    I bought a fan grill from Thomas Harell of White Light Laser for the rear fan.
    Name:  DSCF3020.jpg
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    Added some yellow toxic eye leds... Might back light the skull with red.
    All in the HAND of FATE now, she's boxed and sent for the show...
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    I should post a acrylic panel LED lighting update:
    Name:  2014-06-09 22.00.36.jpg
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    Name:  DSCF3059.jpg
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    The Be On the Look Out with the Picture applied.
    Name:  DSCF3049.jpg
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    I have a set of FannBlades Case feet I traded some stuff for long ago I may Mount up.
    Name:  DSCF3043.jpg
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    Added a On Off switch, LED eyes
    Name:  DSCF3054.jpg
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    Name:  DSCF3001.jpg
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    A small Tribal Punisher laser etch for the front door.

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