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    Banchetto MbK

    Hi my fellow forum friends,

    It's been a long time ago since I've post a build, but here is another one from MBK.
    Been very busy with various assignments and other mod stuff, but now... finally a good old-fashion forum mod again.

    First I want to thank a number of people who make it possible for making this build.

    Big thanks goes out to Bernice from Gigabyte

    Also respect and big thanks to Vincent and Lily from Bitspower

    And for this build, I have access to a number of testbenches from Microcool. Federico from the Italian brand MicroCool has made this possible, so thanks for this Federico.

    MicroCool has about 3 beautiful benches marketed with names Banchetto K, Banchetto 101 and 103. Which are great Italian designs as shown below in the pictures.

    The Banchetto K

    Also for the Test benches I have made some unboxing vids.

    For this build I'm also going to use a Banchetto 101

    Pictures from the Banchetto 103

    The unboxing vid:

    After some brainstorming to see how I can merge these two benches. I have the idea is too make different layers of acrylic to stack it all up.

    Here I have cut some acrylic same size with the shapes of the original K and 101.

    Because Gigabyte provided me a very nice Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3 (more info on this later) the color will be black and green in this build.

    In order to enter the height, and the layers acrylic to be applied, I have used the parts of the 101.

    Because I want a good view at the hardware and apply nice ideas with rigid tubing I have placed the mobo tray in an angle.

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    Thanks for the comments, very nice to see and hear that you like to follow this MBK build.

    I already have quite a few pictures with some progress to show, so selected a nice collection for this update

    In this build I'm going to place (at least) 2 x 240 rad applied with Nanoxia fans. And will put them between the acrylic layers.

    Drawn some holes and stuff on one acrylic layer and went to work with my jigsaw.

    After the sawing and filing, the result...

    Placed the radiators and fans.

    Installed it again to see how it looks.

    Enough space for the air in/out

    Now this looks good, removed the tape and cleaned the plate.

    Made it black (glossy vinyl).

    And the whole unit.

    For the green and black color combo I came to the idea to use 6mm UV green strips between the horizontal plates. So cut and bent the strips.

    With this kind of green I always like the frosted looks the best. And I think this is a great match with the green of the Gigabyte motherboard, So picked up my sandpaper and go to work again.

    But it's taking too long

    Need more frosting but just to let you see how it will look like.

    Luckily I have at some great machines to work with... glass blasters.
    This is making it a lot easier.

    After some blasting....

    The strips totally frosted.

    More about this later.

    Thanks to Gigabyte this Bench will become a monster rig. because they've provided me with 2x Gigabyte Titan Black: GV-NTITANBLKD5-6GD-B
    Was not expecting this, so caused a moment of silence and admiration when looking and testing these beauty's.

    Exhibited and tested on a different setup

    Last but not least, a nice picture from the rig with frosted strips.

    More coming up!!!

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    Time for an update!! Received great products from Bitspower and Highflow

    To begin.... a lot of Bitspower products.

    After a hour removing bags....

    Beautiful fittings

    But first I will show you and installed the beautiful Bitspower... The VG-NGTXTITAN

    Filled with some liquid to see how it looks

    Also ordered a nice backplate, the NGTXTI780 Carbon Black

    Everything included

    After some work

    Presenting you the Gigabyte GV-NTITANBLKGHZ-6GD-B with the VG-NGTXTITAN

    Looking good!!!

    Placed it to see how this will looks

    Installed some fittings and stops, like the Bitspower Matt Black Enhance Rotary

    And twice a G1/4" Matt Black Stop Fitting

    For the pumps and reservoirs I had plans for Using the modkit D5, D5 top and res updrage kit next to the testbench

    To get this kind of setup I have used a D5/MCP655 MOD KIT

    And a Bitspower D5 MOD TOP

    Also a Dual / Single D5 Top Upgrade Kit 250

    And last but not least... two amazing pumps from Highflow: De Alphacool D5-VPP655

    To make this looks better I have lowered the bracket/ pump.

    And made this black

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    Installed the modkit/ top/ res/ pump.

    After this installed the bench again

    Think it looks quite nice allready

    More updates soon

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    Last time I mounted the reservoirs with the modkits. For the next step I made ​​an acrylic plate where the flow sensor and input from the reservoirs goes through.

    For this I've used the Bitspower flow indicators (BP-FI-CLBKMBK)

    And mounted them like this:

    Also in this build NO bending, so I've chosen for a big amount of Bitspower Enhance 90-Degree Dual Multi-Link Adapter

    Connected everything

    The CPU block I've chosen is the Bitspower CPU Block Summit EF (BP-WBCPUIAC-CUMBKCL)

    And also here I have made an acrylic plate made ​​for the rigid tubing for the GPU and the CPU.

    Which will look like this

    Placed the 2e GPU

    Backside will be like this

    Again used the 90 degrees adapters, but also the 30 graden adapters (BP-MBE30DML) to get the perfect angle.

    To connect al of this... another acrylic strip.

    With fillports (BP-MBWP-C04)

    And Multi links ( BP-MBEML)

    Once connected it looks like this

    To be continued!!!

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    Another Update!!!

    It's holiday time so did a lot of work on the Banchetto mod, and took lots of photos. Therefore, another updated for you guys

    After some puzzling and excessive use of adapters... pretty happy regarding the completion of the loops.

    The adapters that I have used includes:

    2x Multi-F Block (BP-MBMTFMB)

    The mini valves (BP-MVV-MBK)

    Small adapters to create the right heights to connect everything

    The adapters are:

    Extenders BP-MBWP-C40, BP-MBWP-C60, BP-MBWP-C62 and some Mini Dual G1/4" Extenders

    In order to get some more green details, ordered a green plate UV green

    Next step was to create a back plate, so cut to the right size and made some openings

    The square holes on the right side are for the extension and the on/ off button from the PSU

    Removed the tape

    Also cut the plate for the upper section.

    And placed it

    Meanwhile, added some more small details... bought some nice UV green bars which I found in the shop where I've got the UV green plate from. Bend with a heat gun

    Mounted this with acrifix glue

    Think it's to much green now so I will add more black accents. More on this later.

    Thanks to Highflow I've got the perfect UV green liquid

    For this build, the choice is Mayhems X1 UV Green

    Here's a little preview of the filling vid... full movie coming your way this summer

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    Final Update!!!....For today

    Got a lot of catching up to do. So one more for today With little text and a lot of pictures from the filled Banchetto mod.

    Here the backside. Now with a lot of green, but as said before ... Will add some more black soon.

    And the front

    That's it for today

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    Cover-up Update!!!

    Another update only this time I'm going to hide some things ...

    The reason is too much green. It is much better to add more black now the liquid is in.
    Also I don't like the frosted green parts anymore. That's why I replaced the side strips with clear UV green ... and cutout some shapes.

    To hide some green, I have sawn a new plate 1cm smaller than the original

    And copied everything that was in the original

    Removed the tape

    First pasted white and then black vinyl. White is for better light distribution so the edges will glow nicely.

    Kept a small distance between the panels.


    Same story with the top plate

    Also did some things to the front to get more black accents But first sawn a cover UV green.

    Which will be placed like this.

    Made the shape of the black plate like this after some puzzling.

    And again pasted it with black and white vinyl.

    Also a little distance between the plates


    Beginning to become what I had in mind, so no more big changes.

    But ... we're not done yet

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    This will be one of the last updates my friends because its almost finished. Just wanna to say thanks for all the great comments.

    So here we go.... Just a few more things to do in this build and then the final shoot coming your way

    Behind the middle section I've got some nice space for a Bitspower X-station

    LED color green

    To hide this and for a little eye catcher I called my CNC friend Pascal...Thanks mate!!!

    Nice result on a rainy day

    Once placed.

    To get a better effect regarding the UV stuff, I placed some UV LED strips

    Since I have a bit of a trauma from too much sleeving in the past, I have chosen the easy way. Ordering Bitfenix alchemy sleeve from my favorite modding shop Highflow

    A black ATX 24-pin extension

    also a 8-pin EPS extention

    2x a 6-pin PCI-E extension

    and last 2x een 8-pin PCI-E extension

    After some pulling, bending and swearing, got some nice curves

    GPUs where the hardest to get in shape, but it's ok now I think

    Next the final shoot... small preview pic.

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    Final Update!!!

    Hi my dear modding friends,

    Because of some personal stuff I couldn't make time to post the final shoot.
    But here it is!!! .... The final shoot Banchetto MbK

    That's it!!!

    Special thanks goes to:

    Bernice from:

    Vincent and Lily from:

    Freddy from:

    And Federico from:

    Very sad to share with you my friends, but for personal reasons this will be one of the last builds that I make. I still have two special builds which I've started that I will finish.

    But after this.... it's over.
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