Greetings from Texas!

Name here is Clint. I've only done a couple of case mods, although I have always built things, and have always tried to be very neat with my work. I did my first "full" case mod last year and entered it into the QuakeCon contest and ended up in 2nd place for the Case Mod category.

I have had some ideas for my next system, which will be a custom build. Much of what drives me is the learning aspects. My custom build will require TIG welding, anodizing and arduino integration.

My last build log was over on OCN (sorry Tech-daddy) because I didn't know any better. As I put a pen to paper to start materializing my ideas, I will start a build log here. It just needs some focus on my part.

Oh, and I will have last year's build at QuakeCon again. I am in process of refreshing my custom loop with rigid tube and Monsoon free-center fittings.

n3farious / Clint