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Thread: DSA-Deep Space Avenger

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    -Completed- DSA-Recon - Update 17 April

    Hi everyone. I'm starting my second build in Mid August and this is the work log of it from beginning to the end. This is another scratch build, but this one I will use metal for my work

    Click HERE if you want to see my first build

    This will be one of the smallest Full ATX case that can have 4-way SLI/Crossfire in the world. I will add some innovative functions as well, which are a surprise

    So far Gigabyte has sponsored me with a beautiful mobo which I will be revealing to you later.
    GB will use this case for their exhibitions if they need it. So I hope to see it in a booth in exhibitions.

    Here are some rendering of the case design. It has colour changing lights and the "Y" that's in all of my mods. stay tuned for the work progress

    I beg you not to ask one thing... Instead I'll answer the question. "Yes! Anything is possible if you want to build it!"
    So please let me know what you think
    A Big thank goes to GIGABYTE for sponsoring my build
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    Cant wait to see it
    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty #moddersinc @moddersinc

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    Hay, what about carbon fiber instead ? You can have pretty good male molds made out of your 3d model in polystyrene. Then you put the fiber over, sanding, painting and you've got a very stylish lightweight case !

    Glassfiber 'd work as well, but without the stylish look :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Americanfreak View Post
    Cant wait to see it
    Thanks you AF. stay tuned ill start updating on the build soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badidzetai View Post
    Hay, what about carbon fiber instead ? You can have pretty good male molds made out of your 3d model in polystyrene. Then you put the fiber over, sanding, painting and you've got a very stylish lightweight case !

    Glassfiber 'd work as well, but without the stylish look :P
    Glass fiber is heavy. I'm trying to get my hands on some carbon fiber, but polystyrene doesn't work well. i did my previous build with that and it's hard to get the finish.

    Process for Polystyrene is so damn long.
    1. prototype with polystyrene
    2. making a mould
    3. touching up mould
    4. Glassfiber build using the mould
    5. smoothing, alignment fixing and 1 layer painting and polishing
    6. final Mould
    7. Carbon fiber/ glassfiber final product.

    This is the industrial standard. if we skip the 4th n 5th steps the finishing will not be good (that's what happened in last build)

    So i'd rather go with a light weight metal. if i get my hands on carbon fiber. i can use the metal to make a glass fiber mold and then carbon fiber it to make the final pice. hell i can even mass produce. but prototype need to be done in metal. far easier to deal with unless you have curved surface. inthis one everything is flat. so i'd go with metal for prototype

    But anyway thanks a lot for the idea of CF

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    Update 27/08

    Update 27/08
    Hello guys and girls of our modding community, today we have a small update. we started working on the prototype build in cardboard.
    If you ask me why we do this, it's because we need to make sure all the measurements are correct and everything fits in perfectly before we go into real production using Aluminium.

    I'm still in a doubt whether to use Aluminium or Steel, coz Alu is light but Steel is stronger.

    Anyway the following pictures are of the side panels. I did it as two parts rather than bending the one whole piece because it's easy to take measurements. So after I finish cutting all the pieces then i will put them together and put up some pics then

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    Update 28/08

    Hi guys n gals, update on day 2 of the build,
    I didn't have much time going home after my work. but I did some work on the build. I had some problems with the measurements of stuff, so I used the previous box i made for mobo tray and today i will make a new frame.
    I was able to make the fan and rad holder, so as in the pics this system can hold a 240 rad. on top If you go with a custom loop then there is enough space for even push pull system. so all together 4x 120 fans there. and on front you can have another 2x 120 fans. so all together this system have space for 6x120 fans and 1x 240 rad

    Also it has space for 2 SSDs on front and can have a 30CM tall res with 5cm diameter.
    It can also accommodate about 6HDDs

    Only negative is that it doesn't have a 5.25 bay. Since I dun use it I decided not to include it.

    Here I cut out two circles to give enough airflow through rad to the fans

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    Update 31/08

    Hi Guys not much update for today, been cutting shapes and glueing them to see whether it looks like the render. So far it's grt and few more pieces to cut. in pics I didn't attach all. but i've done more. so here are few pics

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    I got a sheet of MS Steel yesterday. so probably tonight I will start drawing and will try and cut tomorrow. problem is that m on an internship, so everyday leave at 7am and come back at around 6.30 pm :\
    Oh yeah and i cut my palm trying to hold the metal sheet :\
    I'm planing to mass produce this case. in different materials as well few dif versions. MS steel, Aluminium and Anodized aluminium(premium) and few designs like in the following picture
    Alum and Steel one will be powder coated. and I can make stainless steel as well but it will be HEAVY!

    ^^ m not gonna sell these in MS Steel and allum, that what i do when m bored
    I'll be back with another update soon

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    Hi guys. wondering why i was silent? ah yeah it's because I was busy tryna make a custom spu block. so this is the result of the 1st test. i'm gonna test this and if it has a significant improvement over the air cooling, then i will make a nice clean and neat one.
    I still need to cut the metal sheet. been busy with this. :\

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