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Thread: DSA-Deep Space Avenger

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    Hi Guys Here is something I started doing before holidays, but only today i did the Acrylic cut. this looks cool, i can't decide whether to pain tthis or now :\here's from A-Z

    what do you guys think? should i paint it or does it look good this way?

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    Custom Block in Progress

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    I will test the custom block for leaks tonight, then after 48hour test i will fit it to the system and test for another 48 hours, then i will check the temp change in the system and we will see how effective it is.
    On the other side, have some obstacles in the case build, first of all the 0.6 thick Mild Steel i used seems to be bit too thick for the build, and the side panels have an issue fitting well to the side, so i'm gonna do some modifications and tests to see what i can do to fix it, then after that i will buy a new aluminium sheet and build the whole case in that, for everything i got only till Oct 10, then have to send off to powder coating and m y flight is on 26th :\ so it's gonne be a hectic half a month from now on :\
    But i will finish the build and i will update you guys

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    Hi modders. Sorry for being silent for some time. But here I am with some Updates So this is what I was doing with the build, Too bad I did not have enough facilities to laser cut the metal, so all Jigsaw and Dremel :dremel:

    More updates coming soon
    Thanks a Lot for Gigabyte for Sponsoring this Build with their fabulous Z87 OC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanjaya View Post
    Custom block top Acrylic cover almost complete. it's time to find some fittings to use.

    In my country ask a shop for watercooling fittings. they say "What?" so i guess i have to use numatic fittings :\

    Hi everyone, sad news. the waterblock did not leak but the temperature difference was only about 2 degree Celsius from the aircooler I used, so I decided not to use that for the build. Instead I will be using the CM Seidon 240M with COOLERMASTER sponsored me for the first build

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    Hi everyone, this is the first try of the side panels with the aluminium sheet, the side bend does not work, unless i use a mould press, it won't get the shape as the 3d model. so this is how it looked,

    aaaaaand here is custom block before the testing. As I mentioned it didn't perform good enough.

    Keep in touch

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    Hi Modders Back after long time sorry for the delay

    So when I assemble all the aluminium pieces and Components for test fitting it looks as follow. what's left is paint and assembling

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    Hi Guys, So this is the final update. So after assembling all the parts i took them apart and painted with black and Gigabyte Orange. And here's are them

    Then back to assembling all of them. So when i left home back to my hostel it looked like this

    I didn't like the front panel that much

    Got a new PSU. COOLER MASTER Thunder M
    Modular, aesthetic and cheap

    I did a little redesign for the front panel. this is the final look of the build with LED lights on

    - - - Updated - - -

    A big thanks goes out to Gigabyte and Cooler Master
    If not for them this build would not reach this level. Thank You Very Much

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    Final Pics of the completed build guys. Might add few more parts to the build and then i will update. but until then this is the final look.

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