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Thread: ST.o.CH FACTOR_I Reloaded

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    ST.o.CH FACTOR_I Reloaded


    Here begins the modded version of ST.o.CH FACTOR_I,


    This project is made possible by Peter Sajn of EK Cooling Solutions.
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    After made this on last year.


    Itīs time to make it better.

    The new front with all in, I mean the location to power and reset buttons, two rectangular holes for usb 3.0, and a slim dvd drive.

    This version brings the EK XTX 360mm rad closer to front in order to increase the internal space.

    In the front left side the white panel is half modded in opposition to the old right side.

    Some zoomed pictures.

    Once I began to increase this project dynamics, Iīll try to update more often,

    Until then, stay close and be cool.

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    Here goes one more update,

    This week I have finish to fabricate the new front,

    The pictures on below.

    The old and the new,

    Robotic style,

    Detailed views,

    Thatīs all for this week,

    Have a nice weekend.

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    Greetings, thereīs been a while since last update, but still ongoing with project.

    On these weeks I manage to fabricate the internal boxes with a different design to the psu cover, this one is more practical. Also have recycled the cover with the lettering.

    The rear has now a semi-open part. The
    This "R" is not what it looks like.

    Is it this?

    Or this?

    What about this?

    I just felt like a child playing with the new front feet.

    When I did the rear ones the funny was lost.

    But these parts was the last, before were the all others.

    Until then.

    Yeah, a paint was very good atm,

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    Greetings fellas,

    And all that as a beginning, some where in time will meet is destination.

    After had pass thorough the rush hours, almost forty, only slept one hour half way, I still feel tired after a full night of sleep.

    Mostly of that time I was in company of two " demons" whispering in my hears "loser" and "death line will come and you will fall", and if that was not "good" enough the Phantom from the Past joined to the party.
    Then in the middle of this mess something flash my mind, " now we are four and the stage of chaos is complete".
    As the hours are passing away the three though they are annoying me, but instead, the demons when whisper to my hears they prevent that I will not fall asleep and the Phantom from the Past steering at me reminds me the responsibility, you take the risk and arc with the consequences.

    So what could not be right?

    The following pictures in black and white.

    Work in progress.


    Thatīs all for now,

    More to come soon with final pictures.

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    Here goes the final pictures,

    My many thanks to Peter Sajn from EKWB Cooling Solutions, who helped me make possible this project.
    Name:  ekwb_logo.png
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Size:  6.0 KBName:  cooling_solutions1.png
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    With no further delays, the following photos.

    Detailed view of fill port.

    I hope you like this project.

    Finally I want to thanks the Cooler Master and partners for making the Case Mod World Series 2015.

    Have a nice day.

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