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Thread: Thor D3sk V2 (Remodd 2014)

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    Thor D3sk V2 (Remodd 2014)

    Hi everyone,

    Like some of you may know,i made the thor desk last year 2013(wich got me the build of the week on linustechtips)
    After using the desk for almost a year now,i thought to myself,lets make some changes(since there were some things i always wanted to change,
    and i wanted to do it with acrylic Tubing)

    So i will be sharing that process with you,i hope you will like it,i certanly love doing it


    1)Lower the legs
    2)More Radiators,for better cooling
    3)Acrylic Tubing (A must have if you have done it before)
    4)All the fittings alike(the last time i went with what i had,EK,Bitspower and koolance)now only bitspower
    5)Extra Compartment for poweradapter with 10 connectors ,Router,and External HDD's)
    6)SSD mounting cage (build into the Wall of the desk)
    7)Usb Connection on the outside of the Case(i have to see with that when i get further along)
    8)Cutom Acrylic Motherboard tray wit LED
    9)New Fans From Corsair (Corsair AF 120 LED blue)+
    10)Vandal Power and reset Button
    11)Drain and Fill Port ( A must have on any watercooling Pc,makes Live alot easyier)
    12)And probably find some more ideas as i go (wich i will of course keep you posted on)


    CPU:Intel 3770K OC 4,9Ghz
    RAM:Corsair Dominator Platinum 1866Mhz OC 2133Mhz@1,6v
    MB:Asus Sabertooth Z77
    GPU:Asus 7970 DCII Crossfire OC 1200\1600mhz
    PSU:Corsair RM1000
    HDD:Western Digital Green 1TB (probably change that out for the black in raid)
    SSD:2 x 120GB Samsung 840 pro RAID0,2 x 120GB Corsair Force LS RAID0,
    FANS: Corsair AF 120 Blue Led,Corsair SP 120 High flow,


    CPU:Ek Supremacy Clear Plexi polished (copper interior)
    GPU:EK DCII Block
    HDD:Bitspower Silver shining,
    RES:Bitspower 350ml Clear pexi
    FITTINGS:Primochill Revolver Silver
    ADAPTERS:Bitspower 90 Silver shining,Bitspower 90 single rotary Silver shining,Bitspower black extenders,Bitspower Plexi T Adapters,
    TUBING:Primochill 10mm ID / 12mm OD,Shackemodz 10mm OD/12mm ID,
    PUMPS:2 x Alphaclool VPP655 (with EK D5 X-Top Acetal Pumptop )
    RADIATORS:EK Coolstream PE 240mm,EK Coolstream PE 360mm,EK Coolstream XTX 360mm,BlackIce GTX Extreme 360mm
    SENSOR:Bitspower Flowsensor Silver shining.

    And maybe i will go shop some more as i go.


    BEFORE 2013:my Appologies for bad Picture Qualaty/didn't have my 650D than,Future Pictures will be Better.


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    Here are the radiator mounts (since i wanted to put in some extra cooling,
    240 and 360 EK PE Coolstream side by side,since they are quite slim i was abler to put the in the small compartment where the powersupply will be.

    And I already shortened the legs ,since i want to be able to mount 2 extra 24" screens on top of the 2 x 27",
    so i dont want to have the setup to high,took off 10cm .

    HUGE Thank you To Corsair for beeing so kind and sending me this Carepackage.
    LOVE IT!

    SSD Drive Cage for the 2 Corsair drives (in Progress)

    And i came to a conclusion ,
    its dabgerous to go shopping
    I needed one drill bit,
    bought the one ,but ended up with a whole set extra,with about a hundred bits

    here are the parts in progress for the compartment under the desk,
    had to put on some Wood dye,so the colours match.'

    Working on the Door for the Underthedesk Compartment for router and power adapter.
    This will be the door handle.

    Under the Desk compartment almost done (on the Thor D3sk)
    Some Detail work left.And maybe integrate some more ideas.

    Started on the interior of the compartment under the Desk,power adapter installed(but still have to route the cable somewhere nice)
    and lightning adapter mounted on the wall as well(this will be much cleaner than the previous Thor D3sk V1)

    Doing some work on the Thor D3sk,Cablemanagement holes,for the 24pin,8pin cpu,and 4 8pin Pcie,
    altough i think i will have to change the Pcie hole because i am not sure exactly where i will route them exactly.

    Hey everyone here a small gadget that just arrived,
    since i am still waiting on the powersupply i will just be waiting and stocking up on tools,

    Well now for the Gadget,this is the GOverlay LCD display,fully programmable.
    I was looking for a small display on ebay (because i like to see the status on my Heat of the Cpu Gpu ,)so after some browsing and searching around,i stumbled on this .

    It is fully compitable with AIDA64,and hardwaremonitor,and you are able to get a lot of other
    It also has a gaming mode,wich means when you enter sertain games it will show you certain information about that game,
    best application to make use of this will probably be Need for speed,the hwole display can become a Speedometer.

    I hope to bring some more build updates soon,
    Keep you posted,thank you for checking out my log.
    Stay tuned.

    Painted midplate.with clear coat.

    Thor desk Radiator installation in progress,i decided for the look of things to put my blackice gtx in the back and use the 360pe from ek in the front,

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well got some work done the past 2 days,here are some pictures,

    Filling the loop!

    And here is the power compartment

    Here are some internal shots of the d3sk,i hope you like it.

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