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Thread: Thor D3sk [Remod V2] 2014

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    Well took a peak @ the maximus VII Hero in action(well boot up sccreen)
    To test if everything is working,
    DAMN!!! This looks awsome with the red Lightning.
    (Or you tell me ? )

    Thank you All for checking out my Build log,
    I hope you like it .
    More to Come,Stay tuned.

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    Here is my Corsair HX 1000i Unboxing and quick Overview.

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    Asus Maximus VII Hero Unboxing & Overview,
    Realy awsome Motherboard (by the looks of it,and it is realy feature packed)

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    Hey everyone,

    While waiting,on some parts to arrive,i thought i start on the rest of the cover inside the desk,
    Black acrylic 3mm,making some minor cutouts,for the few cables that will see the light of day(or in this case LED - LIght Enters Desk)

    hopefully the package will arrive tomorrow so i can work over the weekend.

    Thank you for checking out my Build log,
    if you want to follow my youtubechannel(for unboxings and other build related Contend,)

    Donīt forget to Subscribe.
    Thank you .

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    This week is starting out quite nicely,
    The Bitspower Package has arrived Today ,and The Content of it is looking amazing .
    I am really excited to be installing this on to my mainboard,The asus Maximus VII hero.

    Thank you Very much Bitspower for providing this
    But here are some Pictures to Start out with,Video will follow soon.

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    Well,after trying to record the video wich i was preparing (all except the battery) wich kinda failed,but i might be able to scrap the unboxing together.(let's hope so)

    I finally got the motherboard all up and running on the "testbench".
    Everything looked good (since i didn't install a radiator in the loop the test wasnīt going over night.
    but if there would have been a mature leak it would have been NOW.
    But i will leak test for at least 12 ourīs once all is in the Desk.

    Here are some Pictures (By the Way this stuff looks so much better in person than on Photos,realy great quality)

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    Should have bought a 3D printer with a clear top and added it in there somewhere. xD Amazing build.
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