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Thread: Thor D3sk [Remod V2] 2014

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    Thor D3sk [Remod V2] 2014

    Hi everyone this is my D3sk,made out of oak,
    I just let the Pictures do the Talking
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    And Here 2 while playing Dirt 2 in eyefinity (with only 2 screens ,working on the solution for something in the middle

    Name:  IMG_6067.jpg
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    Thanks for posting, that looks lovely. What did you use to treat the wood? I'm starting on doing a little wood project and this has given some inspiration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crowTrobot View Post
    Thanks for posting, that looks lovely. What did you use to treat the wood? I'm starting on doing a little wood project and this has given some inspiration.
    Thank you very much ,it was my pleassure.

    the inside is a sort of wood paint/clearcoat,wich gives it the ultimate protection agains liquid of any sort,
    and the outside i treated with wood oil(to make it fit the interior of the living room the d3sk is stationed in.

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    Awesome build!
    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty #moddersinc @moddersinc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Americanfreak View Post
    Awesome build!

    Thank you very much,

    - - - Updated - - -

    Custom crossfire bridge(will probably be the last time i use something like it)

    Small hardware update!!
    western digital caviar black 2TB.

    Here is a short video of the Thor D3sk V2 I recently did,
    Just so you can get a better overview and i get a little practice in filming with my canon 650d.
    There will come another video,with daylight.
    Thank you for watching,hope you liked it

    - - - Updated - - -

    Made some changes to the loop for cleaner looks,(since i am working on a video,and after the last one i saw quite some things i would like to change for the next video)

    Hopefully you like it as much as i do,i think this looks much cleaner,

    Thank you ,

    hey everyone,

    I thought i might share this with you,
    like you should know if you have read the beginning of this log,
    that i have 2 asus 7970 DC2,

    well a few days back i thought i try something,
    thought i wmight try to flassh the bios to a 280x bios,
    And well after a few different tryouts,well i finally found one that was semi stable,
    after a few tweaks and driver changes,welll
    it works like it is supposed to be a 280x.
    And overclocked way above its stock speed.
    here are a few pics and benchmark scores.and believe me this was well worth it

    Some cable management on the Thor D3sk,
    with Cablecombs.
    And some more led for ram and cpu block

    still waiting on some more stuff,(might even do some more work on the watercooling setup,

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hi guys,

    Well i would like to officially introduce my newest and generous Sponsors BITSPOWER,
    This package just arrived,
    The weekend is starting out nicely

    Thank you very much Bitspower ,these Mesh Radguards made from aluminium are not only good looking they are also Realy good Build Qualaty as to expected from a company like Bitspower


    Bitspower Grills getting installed,this will keep dust out and looks way better then the old grills :-)

    Thank you again Bitspower,for providing me with these

    Small Update.Playing a little bit with acrylic.

    Working on a little something over the weekend,hopefully all turns out as wanted,

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hey everyone,

    Well i started the weekend on buying some Black acrylic 3mm thick,
    and started on the construction of the cover inside the desk,
    Wich will help both with Cablemanagement,and the Blue Liquid and lights will be much better visible and appear Much cleaner,
    I am only done with a part of the inside ,(But what is done Seems to look ok)

    Each comment ,like and oppinion is much apprichiated

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    THOR D3SK Logo (Custom made chrome sticker and 3mm blue acrylic)
    Still working on getting some minor bubbles out
    Hope you like it

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    Well everyone goode news,
    this is not actually an update,
    its more a plan on how the oktobe month is going to go(if all goes well)

    1)Purchasing the new motherboard
    2)Purchasing the new Cpu,
    3)purchasing the new waterblock for the motherboard and cpu ,
    4)Review and unbox all the stuff (youtubevideo)
    5)finish the interior cover (black 3mm acrylic)
    6)realy want to purchase some extra watercooling fittings,adapters,and flowmeter.

    So Hopefully all goes well ,and i am able to perform all these things @ its best.

    Thank you for following my buildlog.
    you can also follow me on
    and on

    Thank you.

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    Hey everyone,

    Here is a short Video i made onn how i play /sit in front of the desk,
    since this is actually something people are interessted in knowing,hopefully this explains/if not feel free to ask.

    No it is not Uncompfortable,although my legs look a bit crushed on the video,
    usually my chair isn't that high and my arms rest on the desk(wich was not realy an option while recording)

    Second reason for making this video,
    To try out my skills with Adobe premiere pro,
    realy like the programm,But still lots to learn,(please don't judge)

    Enjoy the Video ,any tips on editing are very much apprichiated

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    Huge Thank you to Corsair For Providing me with there top of the Line
    and newest edition of Powersupply,
    The HXi 1000 80+ Platinum Certified
    Perfect for th Thor D3sk

    Thank you!!

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    Hey everyone ,

    Now all **** is loose,got my motherboard ,and Cpu,
    just working on the videos,(this may take some time)
    Asus Maximus VII Hero (Love the R.O.G Theme)
    Intel 4790k (So going to oc this )

    But here are some pictures,


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