Hey Guys
Just thought I would post up some pics of the final results of the build. Before I tear it apart so I can use the parts in another build. This was by far the hardest build I have done so far. It got a lot of attention at the Modders Inc Booth at this past Quakecon. (Thanks a lot for the space in the booth. I really appreciate it guys )

Case - Bitfenix Prodigy Scratch/Dent from Performance PC's Painted Metallic Gun Metal /w UV Green Airbrushed abstract skulls Handles and Feet Removed, Side panels replaced with 2 way Mirror'd Acrylic
CPU - Intel i7 3770K /w EKWB Supreme LTX Black
Mobo - EVGA Z77 Stinger /w Custom UV Green Acrylic Backplate
RAM - G.Skill Ripjaws X (4gb x 2) 2133 Mhz /w EKWB Monarch x2 Block
GPU - EVGA GTX 660Ti /w EKWB FC670 GTX Block
PSU - Cooler Master 1000w Silent Pro
SSD - Sandisk 128Gb
Radiators - Phobya 200mm and 120mm
Res - Phobya 150mm Balancer
Fittings - Primochill Relvolver Rigid Fittings Black
Tubing - Primochill UV Green Rigid Acrylic
Flow Indicator - Primochill Vortex
Pump - Swiftech DDC /w Bitspower Clear Acrylic Pump Top
Fans - Apevia UV Green 120mm x3 and Bitfenix 200mm x 1
5050 UV and RGB LEDs

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