So... yeah... HI ALL!

The name is Stefan, from Denmark, yes, its the cold north with the vikings.

The first reason for joining Modders-INC. is basically that case modding is a dead art in Denmark, nearly all sites and forums are either closed or close to dying. Most people converted to buying plain stock computers, so here i am, trying to reach out to the world

The second reason is that i finally pulled myself together to start a "big" case modding project. And his name is HAL-9001 after viewing the Cult movie again (can't remember how many times I've seen it) i wanted to build my own HAL 9000, but after a few hours of google'ing i found that there was plenty of HAL 9000 replicas, so i thought that HAL needed a bit of an upgrade. More info coming soon, need to get the details down, and then the casemod log will be uploaded.

Looking forward to become a part of this forum.