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Thread: MAME cabinet build

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    MAME cabinet build

    For my son's Sr. project he decided that he wanted to do an arcade cabinet. The hardware is very modest and as a matter of fact we're going to be using the AMD Kabini CPU and ASRock motherboard that was recently reviewed on Modders-Inc.

    To start off, we downloaded a set of plans and started building from there.

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    First up we needed to transfer the plans from paper to wood.

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    Next we used my worm drive saw to cut the shape of the sides out.

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    After we had one side done, we laid the cut side over the sheed of MDF that is to be the other side and traced the pattern and cut it out.

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    Since one side was a copy of the other they are not the exact same size. We clamped both pieces together and did a little trimming with the saw and finished up with the belt sander.

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    For strength and ease of assembly, we made rabbit joints around the edges of the sides using the table saw and used dado blades.

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    For the bottom of the cabinet we made another rabbit joint just above the bottom of the cabinet.

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    Here's one completed side of the cabinet.

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    After working through and getting all the angles and lengths right, we cut the cross pieces and glued and nailed them together.

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    Here's the rear of the cabinet.

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    Here's the front side. The top most piece hadn't been cut yet.

    There's still a lot of work left to do. To smooth out the rough texture of the cut sides of the MDF we will be using body filler to give a nice finished look to it. Then prime and paint. We still need mount the hardware and accessories and make a shelf for the two Genius F-1000 gaming arcade sticks.

    Stay tuned for more.

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    I dig this Bro, I spent many a day standing in front of one of these before modern gaming came about. When you need a skill saw to do your Modding you know your really into something!

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