Cooler Master Pitch earphone is one of the best value gaming earphones in the market. Its cheap price (£28.48 at, high quality and premium look make it better choice than any other gaming earphone out there.

Pitch is packaged in a well designed box with a window showcasing the earpiece and the 3.5mm jack. All the accessories are packed behind the holder.


These earphones comes with lot of accessories,
• 3.5 splitter (to connect to the 2 PC outs)
• Carrying case (Black CM storm pouch to keep the earphones)
• Different sizes of earbuds for best fit and comfort.

The build quality of the earphones are premium and a great value for the price. It's built with light weight metals which are anodized and electrically plated making sure of durability, quality and comfort.

It has a tangle free cable design and the cable itself is good quality. It is somewhat thinner than the normal cables and very flexible as well. It is 1.2m long so that gamers don’t have problems connecting it even to the back panel of the PC

This headset can be used for mobile phones as well because it comes with an in line microphone and a call answer button. This microphone can also be used in PC gaming when connected with the splitter.

Although the headset looks very good in design overall, the inline microphone has a poor design and doesn’t match with the design of the rest of the earphone. The quality and finish of the microphone is also not as good as the rest of the earphone.

The primary plug of the earphone is an all-in-one 3.5mm port which can be used both on mobile phones as well as with the PCs that features the all-in-one port. With the use of the splitter which is included, any user can connect this earphones audio jack and mice jack separately to a PC. The splitter and the all-in-one jack are both carries the same these quality and theme as the driver units with anodized and plated metal covers and quality cables.

The snap-lock pouch that comes with the headset is well made and the material used protect the earphones from damage. User can store their earphone when not in use and pack it safely when traveling using the pouch. 

Checking the specifications of the earphones, the most notable is that the size of the driver. 10mm drivers of the Pitch headset can produce high quality lows as well as crystal clear vibes. After testing the earphone in different games it proves itself as a gaming earphone. The two sides are well balanced and isolated. This further improves the gaming experience when using these earphones.

Audio Quality
Frequency response is from 10Hz-20kHz and is even beyond human audible range. So this earphone can produce any sound that the pc delivers and also has the ability to produce the lowest level of bass. The inline microphone also has a good frequency response that is enough to capture human vocal range. Only downside is that the microphone is Omni-directional. The recording tests done with the microphone proves its frequency response is good and it manage to record natural tone of voice.

Final Thoughts
Overall this earphone is very good gaming and mobile earphone set. Considering the included accessories, build quality, design and the audio quality it’s a very good audio solution for users who look for affordable yet high quality and durable earphones.
DSa Mods Rate this as a Silverware for Computer Enthusiasts.