My name is Rob and I'm the CEO of Warped Vision PC.

My dream is to grow my business and extend my marketing reach to the degree that I am able to provide elite custom

built computers to the world at large.

Most people have probably heard of Alienware, or other high-end system builders, but my vision is to do it better --

by providing customization to the case and cooling components on a level that's simply not in front of the general

public right now.

I've spent years watching and working this market.

Warped Vision aims to separate ourselves from the competition and the practice of over-charging and under delivering

that these big companies are often guilty of.

Our computers are built with the same state-of-the-art high-quality components that are on the market, but it

doesn't end there. Through our strategic partnerships with acrylic designers and fabricators, a Warped Vision PC

includes customizations to the liquid cooling components, tubing, case, lighting, and cabling that these other

companies can't and aren't even offering.

With our custom cut-out acrylic cases and components Warped Vision aims to take custom computers to the next level.

We have the vision to bring something fresh to the market and we aim to do it at a price that is fair.

If our campaign is successful, we plan on sharing our creative process and documenting the journey. As things

progress, we'll be offering an inside look at the development of the new website, and our production/fabrication


Additionally, we've come up with some great perks to show our gratitude. Keep reading for more information.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our campaign and especially -- thank you, from the bottom of my heart,

to our believers and contributors.

Thanks for sharing our warped vision,

Rob Kane
CEO Warped Vision PC

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