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Thread: Project TITANFALL MOD by MoMod

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    Lightbulb Project TITANFALL MOD by MoMod

    Hello every one i know long time away from the forum but i am back

    today is my 16th mod it's the Titanfall mod wish you like it and it's sponsored from Thermaltake


    Thanks for the sponsor

    sponsor from swiftech with Apogee XL CPU Water blocks


    some change on our site tell us if you like it

    more soon
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    hello now we do the unboxing a power supply 850w and urban T81

    - - - Updated - - -

    will use hard tube for water cooler and use my old big water 750 but i will change the fitting to fit the hard tube and i will use uv orange

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    cove the motherboard it was my first idea even before asus i submit my idea at NVIDIA ION Modding Competition on 2009 i don't know where my post gone but any way nothing can happen now
    here iam doing my first idea

    paint the case and add the sides

    - - - Updated - - -

    now time for power supply cover and the pump

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    hello we need to give a huge tanks for our new sponsor from swiftech withApogee XL CPU Water blocks


    more soon with modding the cpu block light
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    final pic

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    I like the heat sink idea in the rear. Also, nice to see an orange theme build. Thanks for sharing

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    Awesome build bro!

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