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Thread: First custom watercooling experience and buildlog

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    First custom watercooling experience and buildlog

    Hello folks,

    First, I wanna say that I'm close to the finish of my pc case. Most pictures were taken a while back, so I'm just gonna tell about the problems I had while building Currently I'm waiting for some LED strips so I can light up the inside of my case, but discrete

    So this is what I started out with:
    Asus Crossfire V Fomula Z
    AMD FX-8350
    2xAMD R9 290 (Second one not equipped on pictures)
    4x4GB Kingston HyperX Genesis 1600MHz ram
    Corsair AX860i
    Corsair 750D
    WD Green 3TB HHD for storage and an OCZ version 3 110GB SDD for windows

    This is what it looked like:
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    I ordered sleeving for my pc from lutro0s, it took me one hell of a time making theese fully sleeved cables. I didn't really like heatshrinks so i choose to go heatshrinkless, which clearly paid off if you ask me. I gave up trying to sleeve the sata power connectors in the click style. So I chose to make it crimp style. Though, it takes up a good amount of ports on the PSU as it is one sata power connector per PSU port. I don't have a lot of pictures with all the sleeved cables on, though I do have the 24-pin

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    Now we jump to the pre-watercooling part First off we got the dusty R9 290s
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    For the first time i removed that lovely noisy stock cooler and beauty came from heaven
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    Done with the GPUs and now the turn came to the RAM. Sadly I forgot pics of the RAM themselves, but I got the plates here. As you might realize from the pictures, I had a hard time removing them. The double-sided tape was one hell of a pain getting off and I almost cried when ripping the plates off, I didn't want to damage the RAM sticks but I had to use a lot of force to do it.
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    Fitting the bayres. Oh god. I bought this kick-ass bayres for my system. But it didn't fit AT ALL. There were these separators in the bays that made it impossible to fit the res. What I had to do was to file down 2mm in each side to make it fit. I were stupid enough to use one if the finest files I had, and it took me about an hour to get a acceptable result.
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    Time to reveal my water cooling components. Most of my parts is from XSPC, they don't have that many choices for different blocks, but I wanted a black or transparent acrylic like blocks for my system, and they had something between that I really liked, so i bought the XSPC raystorm CPU block, 2xR9 290s razor GPU blocks and RAM module + sideplates. The main reason I bought from XSPC and even heard of them, was because of their RX 360 v3 rad. I read a couple of reviews, but what got me was this review off a 360 rad roundup, so I ordered a RX 360 v3 and a RX 240 v3. The fittings and res were something that I got help with, he got the exact same res and fittings, and come on, lets be honest, Al can only be right in choosing the Monsoon chain gun fittings for his punisher build, monsoon watercooling components are absolutely adorable. Together with the Monsoon chain gun fittings, I bought the Monsoon series 2 premium m2 d5 bayres To cool thoose big rads I choose five of the Corsair SP120, and three AF140 for front intake and back exhaust
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    A big fail in this part. I bought some acrylic 16mm tubing. I started to bend the tube and sketch up the loop while finish them one after one
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    As time came to a difficult bend. I started matching everything up, but realized that I would have a problem
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    The fittings were too big. I couldn't fit 2 of them at once, on the CPU block
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    So I had to send everything back and buy some 13mm fittings instead. Sadly I lost my temptation to acrylic tubing as all my equipment for bending and cutting were 16mm, so i went with the standard tubing (I really wanted the chain gun fittings, so I had to do this as my budget was getting tight). The flex tubing was easy to do, so I went ahead and installed it
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    Finally the part where I had to fill it. I've waited for this moment my entire life
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    I had so much fun I forgot to take pictures, but I got some after with the LEDs working Quality is not great cause I only got my phone though
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    Cablemangemant soon, waiting for a fancontroller

    Lightning soon, waiting for LED strips
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