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Thread: Lian Li PC-TU100 Military case

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    Lian Li PC-TU100 Military case

    5 months ago I won Lian Li PC-TU100 case for vote top 10 best picture of LAN here's
    It have been sitting here for 6 months, then I finally decided to do last min mod and brought it to PDXLAN "A largest NW LAN event in Portland". Flied in from Bay Area CA so thought
    this case is perfect size to carry around for LAN! Thanks to Lian Li for this case. Let's start mod!
    Here some picture before start mod.

    Apart all pieces from Lian Li PC-TU100

    Recessed Handle to switch other their stock handle to making it looks like military

    Market and ready to cut

    Perfect fitting in!

    Now work on cut square hole on one side for tablet, use it as my second display from idisplay app.

    Build a wood jig temple for cut square hole for tablet

    Cut is done, now next router for clean cut


    Done with side

    Time for paint

    Put all case parts back together

    New parts! Tegra Note 7, Evga GTX 750 Ti, and Evga z87 Stinger with 4670k!

    Now put Tablet on side of case.

    Finally finish packing and modding PC and getting ready get on flight going to PDXLAN! Stay up till 5 am work on case and packing! Thanks to Thermaltake Tt esports for LAN BAG! It can
    carry everything included 24" monitor in one bag!

    Finals picture


    Done! Want to say this case is worth for LAN! I can run all game with 750 ti, play BF4 most of time and run very smooth at Medium setting! It easy to carry around! Thanks Lian Li for
    this case. Hope you enjoy it.
    You can get that Lian Li PC-TU100 for 109.99 from Newegg here
    and Thermaltake TT eSport LAN BAG for $75 from Amazon here
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    That is the perfect Lan case. I really like the tone of that Green, it really came out Good.

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