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Thread: Fractal Node 804 Freddy Kruger Build by Dirty South PC Mods

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    Fractal Node 804 Freddy Kruger Build by Dirty South PC Mods

    Hey guys whats up I'm Nick Blackwell from Dirty South PC Mods. Coming at you with another awesome build based on the Nightmare on Elm Street films. Sponsored by the good folks at

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    The good lads at Terror-Byte Gaming scope out there web site here

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    Check out more of Fractals Design's awesome products here

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    You can find all of LC's gear over at

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    Scope out the sweet line of LEPA products here

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    Peruse the epic line of Rust-Oleum products and colors over at

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    Take a look at EKWB spectacular line of Liquid Cooling Products here

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    You can find a full line of Monsoon Products here

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    Check out Mayhem's line of premium fluids and dyes in Pre-mix and concentrate here

    Thank you very much for your generous contribution to my project.

    and of course the good folks at.
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    Anything and everything you would ever need for your Liquid Cooling and PC Modification needs.

    First up lets take a look at the Fractal Designs Node 804

    Name:  Node 804 - 1.jpg
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    as you can see it is a cube style case it has a MATX form factor but still has enough room for up to 12 drives in combination of 3.5" and 2.5", and 10 fan mounts. that is more than any other MATX case on the market to date.

    Ok guys that's it for today. I'll be back later this week with an update and more awesome pics.

    Alright guys getting started on the Painting process
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    Alrighty when I left off I had just started the painting process.

    Name:  IMG_3127.jpg
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    As you can see the Brown came out really well.

    Name:  IMG_3135.jpg
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Size:  26.5 KBName:  IMG_3137.jpg
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    Got the front panel painted and seeing as the build is based off of a horror flick I didn't want a smooth finish. I wanted a texture to it.

    Name:  IMG_3142.jpg
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    The motherboard plate and I/O bracket have been riveted back into place. I really like the look of the Red and Brown together I might do another Brown build again later.

    Time to get started on the fans. These are LEPA 120mm Copper fans in RED.

    Name:  IMG_3139.jpg
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    First I removed the Blades and since the LED assembly is part of the blade I don't have to worry about taping that off...So I just taped off the center hub and the Cables.

    Name:  IMG_3145.jpg
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    Doing a test fit of the hardware to see what it's going to look like and start to see how much room I have to work with.

    The new EKWB Supremacy EVO from Performance PC's just showed up.

    Name:  IMG_3158.jpg
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    Alrighty then now that I'm not scrambling to meet deadlines I can finish my build log.

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    The Mosfet Heat sinks don't really flow well with the theme I am going for. So I took them off, removed the Red portion of the heat sinks(each side is held in with 2 screws), Taped off the contact points on the bottom, and shot them with the same hunter green I used for the fans.

    Name:  IMG_3183.jpg
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Size:  52.7 KB So I have a love hate relationship with EK. You see as a modder I pride myself on voiding warranties. However the Diabolical Geniuses at EK have made this impossible with the new Supremacy EVO water block. You see it is designed to be taken apart. They even provide you the tools to do so. -Shakes Fist- In doing so I thought it would be wise to paint the bracket Green.

    Ok at this point I was almost scared. I wasn't going to meet my deadline.
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    Got the tape down for the stripes to represent the sweater and shot over the Red Paint with the Green....Whenever you put tape over paint make sure it is Low Tack Painters Tape and that the paint has had time to cure. If the paint has not cured all the way it will come right off when you take the tape off.

    Now that the stripes are done I can get started on the PSU. First up lets take a good look at it. Name:  IMG_3228.jpg
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Size:  42.1 KBName:  IMG_3230.jpg
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    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    i really don't see the point with the colours. Really. Man, brown, red and darkclayish green... are you planning to do some military style mod ?

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    Freddy Krugers Sweater is Green/Red Stripes and his hat is Brown Name:  freddy-krueger-001.jpg
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    hmm ok missed the name, like, you know, it's part of US culture and all the stuff i'm not much into ^^
    Will you sleeve the cables ?

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    You are turning this into a pretty cool looking build nick.

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