Ok I've been on a pretty big intermission on this build and that's cool. I really wanted to make this a low pressure build with no deadline and just do it for the enjoyment of the build. That was the reason I haven't tried to get any sponsors up to this point anyway? The way I work is so time consuming that it's not fair to companies that want results on products they are marketing.

Lets get this out of the way - The look of this case has really evolved in a different direction than my original ideas so I have petitioned the courts for a legal name change I almost named it Castle - something - and have had multiple comments how it looks like a castle and With all the spiky points in the metal it also has a bit of a rocket or speed feel to it, So the new name is Flash Gordon's Chrome Castle
or Chrome Castle for short. I actually hate long case names but there you go.

Woot I got the painted case parts back from Mark Fryer and he did an Incredible job as expected. My plan on these were to paint House of Kolor Candy Wild Cherry over polished Metal. This gives off a shimmering reflection to the paint and add some life to it as the light passes over it from different angles. Mark was able to achieve what I had envisioned exactly and I couldn't be more happy with how It came out. To get some contrast Mark mixed up a custom Black paint with just a hint of metal flake in it. From some angles it isn't visible and it comes out in the right angles and light, Home run again! Each of the sides has a slight variation to the theme, with one having swirl patterns under the paint. This came out with limited effect, from some angles it looks great and from others it looks like a lot of scratches. That part is on me, as good as Mark is he can't fix half baked ideas. Thank god for selective photography. The Barred panel is not quite sitting flush so shuush, I need to do a little clearance work but I wanted to get some pictures up anyway.

I'll have much more to come as I start assembly.