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Hey Modders I'm finally getting going on a new build. I had a false start on a Corsair 250 D But life got in the way and I'm not sure I'm man enough to do the things I want to do in a Mini ITX case.

The Victim of my affection is a Lian li PC-V359. This is a Micro ATX case, but I will be using a Mini ATX board so I will have a little extra room for cooling gear and I like the square proportions, compared to the Mini version of this case.

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The case I ordered was Black with black Pillars. The Case I got was Black with Red Pillars, I kinda liked that model too so I'm going to go with it. Funny in the Lian li literature the red is more of a fire engine red, but this anodized red is a much better tone of red - Sold.

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One of the interesting things about this Case is that the top and all four sides slide in and out of the corner pillars to give easy access it opens up a myriad of options for modding.

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I had a huge sheet of thick Deep Red Acrylic so the first thing i did was make a replacement top window. I know there are a million red and black builds out there, but that's because it looks good, I'll just have to find a way to keep it from being boring.

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MnpcTech sent me out a set of their beautiful case feet. These feet were made for this case and improved the look over the factory feet, which weren't bad. These may end up getting painted in the end, but I'll wait on that decision until I see how all the colors are blending. I tapped the Case so I could spin the feet on and off easier, but they come with hardware for easy mounting to anything. Ok I admit it, I just like tapping threads whenever possible.

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My love to thick material is a painful affair when you do your work with basic hand tools. I just like the depth the thick materials add to the look, But there is a price to be paid! I cut out my basic shapes with a Jig Saw and Dremel and then refine the shapes with files and sanding. Not the easiest way to do things, but My setup allows me to watch movies while I'm filling away. My Initial plan for the front was to stack Aluminum on top of the Red Acrylic with the Acrylic just sticking out a little further than the aluminum.

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Ok planning is not one of my strong suits. What I hadn't anticipated was that my thick stack of materials took away the distinctive angles of the corner pillars sticking out further than the case front. The pillars really make the look of this case, so this wasn't going to work. At this point I am dropping the Acrylic layer and I beveled the edges of the Aluminum to match the angles of the pillars. I had cut the Aluminum wider around the window and now that I removed the lower layer I will have to adapt it to match up better. I started adding some bling to the Aluminum sheet.

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This is closer than the picture shows, but it was hard to align the camera up perfectly.

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Not bad considering the tools used to do this with. I really want a Scroll Saw, but I don't want to buy a cheap one that I'll end up hating. So until then I'll just keep doing what I do.

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I continue to refine this piece. I plan to put lite Acrylic on the inside of the case behind The ROG Logo and Mesh behind the volume bars. I think this piece will be painted in the end. Here is a size comparison between the Lian li case and a 250D.

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I had originally bought 2 - 250 D cases, I build this straight build in a day, Most of that was hiding wires. I was going to Mod the second case and then transfer the kit, But life got in the way and I never pulled the trigger on the Mod. The New case is more inspiring to me and there aren't 500 of them that have already been Modded. Anyway It is so good to be back into a build, This one is just for the pleasure of Modding, No time limit, no pressure Thanks for checking out the build.