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Thread: What happened to the Price of DDR400?

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    What happened to the Price of DDR400?

    Is the fun over for DDR now the DDR2 is the latest and greatest? I mean like 2-3 month ago I was looking at great pricing for 2-Gb of DDR400 for an upgrade... but I held off. Now I'm seeing the pricing that's gone through the roof, he who hesitates... I mean there were deals-a-plenty for nice sticks now the pricing is “sky's the limit”.
    Sure AMD S939 drop to pricing that's so low that we now know how un-Godly they've been taking profit, but why even think of using those CPU’s when the memory is in the stratosphere. 8O With Core Duo moved on to DDR2 and AMD following with their AM2, have the memory manufacture's just abandoned the PC-3200 to fill the next generation, sure. Are DDR2 modules that much cheaper to produce that they see such better margins they can just blow-off a whole market this quickly, amazing. This really projects how far AMD got behind the curve sticking to their bread and butter, now all that old production is so worthless they need to give it away to get back in the race… Ouch! It appears the memory producers have been building DDR2 modules waiting for Intel to move, and such pricing is a huge reason Intel is in the drives seat better performance per/$, and inexpensive ram, now if there was a huge Mombo support and cheaper Mombo's (which are just now showing up) so Intel is pedal to the metal. If Intel can get in bed with NVidia and SLI support… oh what a difference a year makes. AMD’s deal with ATI better really have some really hot offspring… fast or they could flounder longer than Intel did.

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    What happened to the Price of DDR400?

    Who are you?

    Do you actually use your computer? Or just watch the market?

    All I can tell you is that DDR is unneccessary, and that Nvidia will not go with Intel for one reason or another. AMD is not making much of a profit off of their price cuts, and I don't know what a Mombo is... I can only imagine that you mean mobo.

    Oh, and I don't know that anyone has gotten DDR3200 yet.. That would be a beast if it was, but wouldn't suit the other components available.. Only crazy OCs.. Again, you probably mean PC3200 DDR400.

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    What happened to the Price of DDR400?

    Split went through and perused your posts… Ah, Youth it’s wasted on the young…

    Good catch on those… my fast-fat fingers over-type saying DDR3200 and then PC400 I’m so confused… I cleaned those up.
    As to Mombo… back before you were a pain in your mothers side the term “mom-bo” not “mo-bo”, but as the acronym motherboard stuck and everybody moved on. I have Mom-bo issues alright… and I’m working through those… I could change those but “I like mom”! :P

    But as to the other issues you raised.
    A) DDR is unnecessary …. Explain?
    B) Intel and Nvidia won’t reconcile their issues for market share and money, and Mac’s won’t ever use Intel processors… right.
    C) And yes, AMD has had to drop there drawers. I said “they've been taking profit” and I’m sure they are still making something even at the currant prices.
    D) Yes I use the computer, but it’s not my life I’m not trying to be a top poster or any of that, just a guy that knows there’s more to life.
    E) It is quality not quantity, yes I'will aspire to this… :wink:

    I’ll keep a prayer open for you.

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    What happened to the Price of DDR400?

    I would have to say the price change is do to the old Supply and Demand. It could also be like the gas we paid for and be based off of Futures. Either way we get stuck in the....

    It's to early for the AMD2 DDR2 setup to affect the price as most people will not be making the jump to soon, but they could be trying to force the market towards the DDR2 setups.

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    What happened to the Price of DDR400?

    I'm just waiting for ddr3, its on vcards its only a matter of time before its ready for system. After the amd chip prices went down of course the ddr is gonna go up until am2 catches on. Their just milking it dry is all. ddr is on the way out pretty fast.

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    What happened to the Price of DDR400?

    A.F. –Yes, it looks as though manufactures have dried up the watering hole when it pertains to old DDR. Those manufactures probably did the retailers the favor (rebates) and motivated out the higher end (costly) inventory freeing up money to move in inventories of DDR2. I agree with your AMD2 scenario, if you’re going to build a mainstream/high-end PC it’s not going to be on an AMD2 platform. I own AMD and they’re great. We need that competition, although the coin has flipped and the AMD camp is down, and with it some collateral damage.

    The market has definitely moved on in a hurry, but that sure leaves most enthusiasts with a bad taste (not the first time I know) and as always it has all to do with the big OEM builders (new acronyms to tout with better margins). Overall, DDR2 brings very little new performance until we start seeing DDR2800. Right now the only good thing is “if” you are building you can get 1Gg…2Gb’s cheaper than that amount would previously cost, and for that you’re slightly better off; although, as for real performance not much of an improvement.

    Assassin – Agreed, DDR3 might be a better milestone in memory performance, if I’m not mistaken most VGA manufactures’ pretty much skipped over DDR2 …correct? And is why AMD tried to prolong it as long as they could. Intel made the jump on newer chipsets, but it wasn’t until their new-found performance was introduced was the industry finally coerced into following.

    Boy I feel bad for all the Intel die-hards who were fence sitting until about six months ago and fell into the AMD patch!

    Ok, I’m going to stop crying that I didn’t jump on 2Gb back in April-June… I’ll move on and skip this next water hole! :wink:

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    What happened to the Price of DDR400?

    Yes few vcard manufactures used ddr2, it was really brief in the number of cards.

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