The engine is about to be put into the car, and my mechanic wants to go to the track & test it on the quarter mile.

He states that this setup is producing 400 - 450 lbs Torque and 450 - 500 HP.

He also feels that the car will run the quarter mile in 9 - 10 seconds.

I think the car might be at the low end of his HP & Torque estimates, but I think if I ran a 12 sec 1/4 mile in this car I would be lucky.

The engine is together, just needs to be put in the car and the rear end put on. Here are all the specs that would be useful I think for this calculation.

I have learned a bit about engines, but mostly that going with all new parts is too expensive and I will never get my money back out of this.

My mechanic also stated that if there was a weak link in my setup it is the 600 cfm carb. I may performance tune it, or get a 750 cfm if you think this will make a major difference.
1978 El Camino, 3,800 lbs (max)
ALL engine components are NEW

389 Stroker Engine

SBC Block Machine Bored .060 over, Line Honed, basically a NEW block. Brass Fill plugs

400 Summit Racing Crankshaft with external Balancer & Flexplate

KB High Performance Dish Pistons

Rods Milled for precision

210cc intake runner aluminum sbc heads
2.02" intake and 1.60" ex. valves

The engine has a roller setup which includes: Lunati Voodoo Solid Roller Cam, Aluminum roller lifters, and aluminum roller rocker arms
Cam Specs:
Advertised Duration (Int/Exh): 273/279
Duration @ .050 (Int/Exh): 243/249
Gross Valve Lift (Int/Exh): .578/.585
LSA/ICL: 110/106
Valve Lash (Int/Exh): 016/016
RPM Range: 2600-7000

designed by legendary engine builder Jim Mcfarland. It is a single plane manifold. The manifold runners are extended in length by crossing over and feeding of the oposite side of the carb. This allows longer runner length than the typical Vic JR type manifold. Seems to allow a little more low end power (within the usable range of a single plane manifold) So your usable power band starts sooner. And the peak torque output is higher, much like a Cross Ram intake manifold.

600 cfm edelbrock 4 barrel performance series carburetor

Hooker Long Tube Headers

Dual Flowmasters

MSD Streetfire Ignition

MSD Distributor

Taylor High Performance wires

Oversized Radiator

7 Quart High flow Oil Pan & Pump

Spectre Performance Musclecar Cold Air Intake

Lightweight Fan

High output alternator

New Battery

New mechanical Fuel Pump

10 Bolt 7.5 G Body Rear end with 3.73 gear ratio and Posi Unit

Anti Hop Bars

350 turbo transmission

New Aftermarket Shocks & Springs (and front end)

Chevy Rally Wheels

Street Tires, stock size for 15 inch wheels

Thanks very much for reading. The car is pretty sweet. Black Knight Clone with all power options. All new interior & exterior, bucket seats. I was going to sell it, but I've got $12k in it & don't think anyone would pay that, so I might as well run it.