hi I would like an opinion on what I'm going to do.
I would materially change my mouse and I would like advice on the materials that I'm going to use.
I was going to create the side supports for the pinky, the annular and for the thumb, stretch the front buttons and stretch the back.
here some drawings that I made about the "possible" final product, a general idea.

I also decided to do it this way:
use the flat parts Plexiglas, but I could not mold having a hot air gun (if you know how to model it in any other way please let me present) while the back should be curved, except if I change my mind, I would use a modeling clay that should be to harden cooking it (they suggested the polymer clay).
all this would be in addition to plastic putty to smooth and level the whole.

what do you think?

P.S. sorry for my english